I needed something to make me smile today. Yesterday was a bad afternoon. Not in an earth shattering way, and nothing remotely related to anything I’ve ever blogged about, but it was just one of those afternoons that pulls the rug from under you and leaves you wondering what you’re going to do when your arse hits the ground. So I needed a smile.

This morning, just after I’d left a message for Catherine, asking if I could book an appointment to get my balls waxed (yes, Escapist Girl, I will soon be in a position to fulfill my promise at the beginning of next week) I logged on to a social networking site and saw the following. It made me smile. Lots.


Very clever.


Oooh. Now that’s even better.
And staying with that theme …


But to me, a bush always looks better when it’s trimmed.


These and pictures  of other less sexy, but equally clever street art can be found at The Meta Picture.

4 Responses to “Bushes”

  1. MySideOfTheStreet Says:

    I hope you are well. Hugs!

  2. Yes, I particularly like the first two. I guess from an aesthetic point of view.
    Hope today is a better day 🙂

  3. haha!!! these are funny.

    sorry your day wasn’t the best. xo

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