A happy ending

There’s a lot of talk in the media about female circumcision, but precious little talk about male circumcision. It’s a topic I’ve long meant to comment on, but a post I’ve written and rewritten without ever being satisfied.

Anyway, a news story caught my eye today:

A surgical team in South Africa have successfully performed the world’s first penis transplant on a 21yr old man after he was circumcised in a cultural ceremony at the age of 18. The circumcision went wrong and left him with almost no cock.

He is not alone. There are claims that hundreds, if not thousands of young men have been maimed in this way, whilst others have died. It is widely held belief that female circumcision is a different issue to male circumcision, but is it?

The good news us that, three months after the procedure, the man can “pass urine, have an erection, orgasm and ejaculate”. But he is the lucky one.

Maybe I should get round to finishing that post.

18 Responses to “A happy ending”

  1. One of the most erotic things I’ve ever read was a medical explanation of what the role of foreskin is in the act of intercourse. I wanted to post it a while back but I couldn’t find the text to copy and paste so I didn’t do it. The purpose and benefit to the man and woman was in the slide, in and out. The thousands of nerve endings give a rhythm to the actual pleasure and movement caused by the pulling back with the forward thrust and exposure of more nerve endings. I’m getting hot just writing that. The point is, the foreskin gives men the capability to please themselves and the woman, considering that a vagina has its thousands of nerve endings in the first 2 inches. Stamina and pleasure for both are increased with foreskin. I have to go now. ; ) Thanks for the topic AM.

  2. I just wrote a long reply and *puff*, it disappeared in web space 😦

  3. I understand your point and am very happy for the man that he at least got some relief.
    However, if you look at Wikipedia’s pages for both FGM and circumcision (I know, not the most reliable of sources, but better than nothing), I notice several important differences.
    Yes, circumcision may lead to problems shortly after the procedure (a few days after), but there are no negative consequences later on in life. Circumcised men can still lead a normal sex life (even if, from Jayne’s comment, it sounds like they lose some of the pleasure associated with it, they can still have orgasms and some may actually consider the fact they have more endurance, through less intense sensations, a bonus). Once the procedure has been performed, and the wounds have healed, there are no ill effects.
    Also, Circumcision does have some positive consequences for certain populations and areas of the world. Not necessarily for everyone, there is still controversy, but at least some part of the population may benefit from it.

    There is no health benefit from FGM. The only consequences are negative: no more normal sex lives, pleasure having been removed from it, even sometimes having been replaced by intense pain.
    And the ill effects from it last a life time. Death can happen from infections right after the procedure, but it can also happen much later in life. Infections from hygiene rendered more difficult, hemorrhage from intercourse that can result in death, and serious complications for both mother and child during childbirth. Not to mention the pain of course.

    I don’t condone circumcision, especially when done to babies who don’t have a choice over their own body. But I reject FGM because it poses long term health risks in addition to the sexual misery women suffer from it.

    • I think I have not stated my position clearly. My post on the topic will come one day, when I have refined it sufficiently.

    • Oh, no, I think you imagine that I’m saying that you should not write anything of the sort because FGM is so much worse (which it is). This is not my point.
      I’m saying that while I get your point, I cannot forget about FGM. That’s all. No sense of judgement placed anywhere in my comment.
      I fear I don’t make much sense. I’m sorry. My head isn’t quite screwed on straight this morning. Too much going on in it 🙂

    • It’s an emotive subject, and one I feel very strongly about. But more of that … one day.
      If your head needs straightening out … well, you know my usual therapy.

    • That’s the problem, my head needs straightening out from too much of your usual therapy 😉

    • You can wank too much? Shit! You could have broken that to me with a little more subtlety and compassion.

    • Hahaha! You really make me laugh this morning. Mind you, I’m in such a blissfull state that I don’t think it would take much to make me laugh! (Not to take away anything from your comments, just to give you a better understanding of where I am!).
      Alright, it’s not so much the wanking that was a problem for me. It’s more the explosion of sex I had. 🙂

    • Yeah. I saw. Disappointingly little detail though.

    • Haha! Yes, I know. I was just in no state to write anything after 6 hours of fun with… who knows how many people. Details to come later today. I’ll have to find in which way I want to recount it all… My usual narrative will not do, there’s just to much to tell 🙂

    • I’m stiffening in anticipation!
      Between you and Ann, you’re giving me a hard time today.

    • Haha! Yes, I imagine just how hard 😉

    • And I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts… one day 🙂

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