I need to get out more

This has got to stop. I need to unsubscribe from underwear marketing emails because I just fell prey to yet another one. Whilst I’m thrilled to have found a brand that I really, really like, as mentioned recently, I have enough smalls to wear a different pair every day for an entire month. I am rapidly becoming the Imelda Marcos of budgie smugglers. It has to stop!

I must be particularly in touch with my feminine side at the minute, because just as I got suckered by some stereotype challenging manties a few weeks ago, it was the less than masculine colours that caught my eye today. Despite my lack of need, having bought a pair of Ergower’s black Max Mesh Boxers a while ago, I’ve wanted some more pairs in the same design.


The cut feels as fantastic as it looks (to me), but being so dark, you don’t really get the aesthetic best from the supporting pouch. A lighter colour was needed. Today it was initially the Mint Green (as in their email) I had to have, and then when I went to their website, and saw them in Rose Pink too, an instant no brainer.


I was very tempted by the Honey Yellow Max Light Bikini, not least as all three are going to have limited availability, but considering I can’t actually justify any of them, and already have a pair of yellow briefs, in the very shapely shape of Joe Snyder’s Bulge Full Bikini …


… I felt I had to keep it to two pairs just now.

Since I’ve got something like 14 pairs of pantsuk on the go at the moment, I might stash the green and pink ones away until I actually need them. And in the meantime unsubscribe from promotional emails.

Oh, while I’m on the subject, take a closer look at the pink pair and tell me what you see.
Is it the models ridiculously muscular thighs?
His rippling abs, perhaps?
The way Ergowear have designed the garment’s seams to tuck up under his nuts?
No, it must be his bulging ball sack?
Or maybe the rim of his helmet?
That’s it, isn’t it? You were momentarily transfixed by his cock, like a rabbit caught in headlights. Because bodybuilders are renowned for having steroid diminished dicks, right?
Put your hands back where we can see them, Dear Reader!


Do you know what I noticed?
The stubble on his thighs and stomach.
Someone really needs to tell him about waxing, and the art department about Photoshop.

14 Responses to “I need to get out more”

  1. I agree with you, hte pink one looks much nicer.
    You want to see what I looked at? The logo, where the O and W look like a cock and balls to me 🙂
    Ok, I’ll admit, I hadn’t scrolled down completely yet, so I didn’t have the whole picture. And my hands were where you could see them, they had already done their magic trick this morning 😉

    • My guess is the “W” is meant to look like balls, or at least arse cheeks. (Considering how the company are most vocal about how they are ergonomically designed to let your cock and balls hang naturally, I’m reasonably confident it’s the former.) But I hadn’t noticed the position of the “O” before. That’s funny.
      Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed a little spell today.

    • Yes, I thought their design and positioning of the letters was very clever 🙂

  2. Lol! He should wax…but the pink is a little much for me!

  3. I logged in to see…the shape of men’s balls and crotches and rainbow underwear…haha..are you telling us that your (cock) looks the same ? 😉

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