Normality is boring.
Ok, that’s quite a negative way of looking at it. Normality is comfortable and reassuring and safe. But stepping outside the norm is fun. Challenging preconceptions is a lot of fun. And running the gauntlet when it comes to sex is something some of us consider rather special kind of fun. Which is precisely what Viktoria Modesta does when she steps in front of the cameras and adoring fans with her prosthetic leg.

Modesta is not a star of that niche fetish for amputee porn (something I frankly feel is exploitative and can’t begin to understand), but rather she had been recently heralded as the worlds first amputee pop star. And why not. You don’t need legs to sing.


I’ll confess it’s not really my kind of pop, but I like both the message of the song and the subversive overtones within the video. What I definitely like is the fact that she says I may be disabled but I’m sexy as fuck! And boy, is she right!

Because the other thing she challenges is the idea that normality is a necessary part of being sexy. We are used to accepting surgically modified bodies as sexy – breast augmentation, labiaplasty, and the more socially insidious liposuction, Botox, and nips’n’tucks. But I’ll wager that the majority of men, no mater how over-sexed they are would struggle not to notice the absent limb, if only for a second, before the more intelligent amongst them rationalised their reactions … and realised how hot she is.

Admittedly, it is possible to look at Viktoria Modesta and regard her as a victim. Not because she is an amputee, but rather because she has fallen prey to the misogynistic machine that is the music industry, and has been required to subscribe to the over sexualised image required by the marketing men. But whilst she may conform to the commercially viable stereotype of make-up, skimpy costumes, an hourglass waist and flaunted tits’n’ass, she does not airbrush out the most blatant imperfection. All points that jigsaw together in the greater discourse on the prostitution of female sexuality, and their place in the media.

But this blog is ostensibly about sex. And irrespective of the processing that has made this woman who, or indeed what she is, I’d feel obliged to lay my cards on the table and say I think she’s sexy as hell.






Just while we’re here, take a pause to look at the next two images. Spot anything particularly kinky, and in the context, really quite clever?



Yes, she’s wearing a harness for a strap-on. Now there’s a nice bit of twisted irony for you.

I should also say that her array of prosthetics are works of art, with a powerful message of their own.


One Response to “Abnormality”

  1. revealedwoman Says:

    Love the black latex corset…and the pointed ‘limb’ – great I,age

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