Search through the solicitous online adverts for escorts, and you’ll notice two acronyms that crop up time and time again: PSE and GFE. Services offered by those hiring out their bodies for the pleasure of others … and hopefully themselves. Yet amongst the euphemisms that allude to what they’ll to your body, or permit you to do to theirs, these two abbreviations are unusual as they are more holistic in their implication. For those unfamiliar with the language of prostitution they refer to Porn Star Experience and Girl Friend Experience.

PSE is pretty self explanatory – she will fuck you like a porn star. All the grunts and moans will be exaggerated. She’ll spread her cunt open, finger herself whilst staring hard at you and theatrically licking her lips. And your experience will be well punctuated with phrases like fuck me harder and do me, big boy as she encourages you to slap her arse and bang away at her like you’re Jon Holmes … even though you’re not even a pale imitation.

An escort who offers a GFE is a purveyor of fake romance. Kissing, hugging, conversation … and then sucking and fucking. Yet considering johns are paying for a fuck, it’s unlikely that a GFE is much like their GFE, or presumably they’d be having those Es with their GF. It’s a facade. And whilst I can see some merit, I wouldn’t want to be lied to.

No. What I would want (and yes, Disappointed Loyal Reader, again it is what I am considering, even if I may never actually have the balls to make a booking) is a FBE.

A Fuck Buddy Experience.

In my experience, fucking a Fuck Buddy is the most honest fuck you can have. You’re both fucking because you want to fuck. There’s no pretence that you want to talk about home decor or politics. There’s no requirement to be friends with a friend with benefits. There’s no expectation of weekday evenings snuggled up on the sofa. There’s none of the laborious wining and dining required by the dating process. You both just need a fuck. You both know you just want a fuck. You’re both OK with just fucking. You’re both OK with the fact that you’re both OK with just fucking. And you know each other well enough to say how you do or don’t want to fuck without risk of it all going south. You feel horny. You fuck. You may even snog. You certainly use each other. And you then go on your way without having to feel guilty or obliged or grateful when you roll over and light up the mythical post coital cigarette.

And if I ever hire an escort, that’s what I want. I want to fuck someone who wants to fuck. I want to imagine that they’re not fucking me just for the cash, but rather because they just want to fuck. And because I’m randy, willing and able, they’re happy for us to use each other’s genitals, hopefully for our mutual pleasure.

So I find myself yet again looking at The Oldest Profession and Adultwork directories, wondering if I could find a professional fuck buddy, and not have to concern myself with the logistics of diaries, and for whom it doesn’t actually matter whether I look like their ideal FB.

23 Responses to “FBE”

  1. Very direct. Sometimes the problem with Women is that their brains are wired differently and emotions come in….so you might dream of a FBE, but it’s a dream. Paying for it cheapens the thought that it is wanted. Sorry.

  2. I feel for you.
    I think I’d hate the PSE, though some may consider what I provide fitting for that.
    If you read my latest post, you’ll sea that I don’t want a FB experience, I want a FWB. As in, I need the Friends part of it. I agree with Dievca on this. It’s not that I don’t like to fuck, I think we all know that. It’s that I feel sort of dirty when fucking happens without any other sort of connection. I feel used. And that’s not the experience I’m looking for. It may work for some ladies but doesn’t for me.
    Good luck!

    • *see*, not *sea* of course! Pfff!

    • We are all individuals. Thankfully.

    • Yes. There may be some women who would be happy to go with just the FBE. Though how would money influence it… that’s a different thing. I think all clients hope that they are different, that with them, the person offering services will enjoy it. This is part of the lie we tell ourselves.
      Just like people like to think that this person who doesn’t want to commit is going to feel differently with them and will eventually commit. This is a lie I know quite well 😉

    • Just like we forget our financial advisor isn’t thinking about their cut.

    • Exactly 😉

    • revealedwoman Says:

      For me emotions would only intrude, so I agree with both of you, women are wired differently. Tempting though…but I know it wouldn’t work for me 😦

    • Your all right, of course. Men are cold, emotionless creatures who are able to indulge in hedonistic activities without any care for more squidgy feelings. We’re all heartless bastards. Hey ho. 😉

    • revealedwoman Says:

      You’re being too hard on your sex…we know most of you have emotions 🙂
      Just not all, it would seem 😦

    • revealedwoman Says:


    • Stop being silly AM. You know we never meant to say that!
      I at least didn’t.
      I was just saying what it is I need, because I have just realised it myself!
      I know men are full of emotions too. It’s just the one that was longest in my life is doing all he can to rub me the wrong way at the moment. Sorry if I sounded angry!
      I do realise that your preferred option would be for you and your wife to have a sexual marriage, full of all the emotions it should bring.

    • Worry not. It was a joke.

    • I’m sorry, I thought it may have been but I am in a weird frame of mind at the moment and wanted to make sure I didn’t offend a friend… 🙂

  3. I had some awesome times with a fuck buddy back in the day. There is definitely something to be said for fucking just to fuck without emotions getting all mixed up in it.

    • Agreed. I think that’s the biggest problem I’ve had maritally – I can enjoy sex just for the sake of sex, separate it from emotions : my Wife doesn’t seem to be able to. That’s not to say I have no care for the person I’m fucking, just that it’s something I [em]can[/em] do.

    • (I wonder if those women who commented above that [em]women are different[/em] have anything to say in response.)

  4. I wonder whether there is a slight variation on the theme which you have not really addressed – I have previously had relationships with two girls (not at the same time!) where we have definitely cared a lot for each other but without wanting a full-blown relationship, and have had many sexy times together. Personally I think this is the optimum type of fuck buddy relationship – you both enjoy the sex, and enjoy spending time with each other, but there is no interest on either side in a full-time relationship. Sort of FBEWAE – Fuck Buddy Experience With Added Emotion.

    I am still great friends with both of them but now we are all in full-time relationships we only see each other as friends. Doesn’t stop us reminiscing and also talking about sex (and masturbation) together from time to time, though.

    • Would you class that as FWB? It sounds like it to me, and certainly sounds like fun, though I’m not sure that’s what I’d want from an escort. Maybe that’s what Tinder is for.

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