DLS 16a : Older but wiser

Having shunned porn in favour of food yesterday, I had another long drive home today. Several hours.

In these days of nouveau prudishness, British motorway service areas are one of the most reliable places to source soft porn mags. I don’t know why: maybe there’s an inescapably lucrative market that comes with the anonymity of itinerant purchasers, so evenWH Smiths, the largest chain of UK newsagents, who in their highstreet stores seem to have stopped stocking their top magazine shelves with top shelf magazines a few years ago, will happily purvey porn at their motorway stores … albeit with little more than the magazine titles peeping through opaque plastic bags.


I was to be passing numerous such retail outlets over the next few hours, all with convenient coffee shops and the associated pitstops. I had no need to pull into the first site after hitting the motorway, but with my genitals locked in acrylic I was feeling horny. Whilst my libido has felt somewhat suppressed in the last month or two, wearing rubber and my CB6000s had some how reinvigorated the more lascivious parts of my mind. Horny horny horny!!!

I picked down a copy of Mayfair from the shelf, and along with a fruit and nut bar and a bottle of juice, handed it to the woman behind the till. As she gave me what appeared to be a friendly smile, I wondered what she thought of me as I brazenly purchased a magazine with no obvious purpose other than to get hard and wank over pictures of younger women.

Back at the car, I unwrapped the magazine and flicked through.
I was pleasantly surprised.
Although the delicious Briony (22 yrs old, 30B-24-29, 5’7″) …


… was less than half my age, I would not have ushered her away had she offered her nakedness to me. I was genuinely pleased to see that neither Krystal (28 yrs old, 30FF-24-32, 5’6″) …


… nor Holly (23 yrs old, 32E-26-32, 5’4″) …


… were completely bereft of bush. And whilst I confess that both they and Cara (27 yrs old, 34FF-24-24, 5’4″) …


… and Jenny (26 yrs old, 34DD-22-32, 5’3″) …


… are all endowed with tits that significantly larger than I prefer, I could easily forgive them that as I swelled before their brazen virtues. Not that my chastity cage nor the fact that I was sat in a carpark would permit me to do anything about it. So the jazz mag was secreted into my travel bag, and I resumed my journey home.

To entertain me along the way, I selected an audiobook from my iPod. Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure. For those not familiar with this title, it was written by John Cleland more than 250yrs ago, and is the tale of a naive young woman from the countryside who moves to London and finds herself indoctrinated into the world of prostitution. Which she mostly enjoys. Considering the language it is written in is that of the 18th century, and it’s atitude towards women and consent is extremely dated, it is gloriously explicit in its description of Fanny servicing numerous men and women. If you’re not familiar with it, Dear Reader, I suggest you rectify that situation – you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, I digress.

30min or so down the motorway Fanny had given me several erections and I had had to switch to a news station on the radio, just to stop my cock’s encapsulation from causing me to have an accident. And then, there ahead of me, was another service station. I pulled into their carpark, though not, as you might expect to release and relieve myself, but rather to pick up some more porn.

The young women in Mayfair had definitely tickled my taste buds, and I wondered whether more mature models could do the same. Reaching for the the top shelf once more, I procured a copy of Over 40 though I resolved to save the pictorial delights of immodest MILFs till I got home. Several hours later, once home, I unpacked both the mag and my manhood.

Again I was far from disappointed. Whilst (clockwise) Jordan (43), Donna (41), Sue (40), Tia (45) and Monica (40) …


are definitely not as nubile as the models in Mayfair, I found myself considering them all definitely worth stroking one off over. Which I did. After I’d wiped the jizz from my fingers, I even got hard again as I read how they liked a good hard fuck from younger men, and a couple of them loved getting buggered. What truely wonderful women!

They also made me think about the escorts whose profiles I’ve been looking at on AdultWork recently. If I do ever pay to be serviced, whilst I could readily cum over pics of women half my age, I’m really not sure about sticking my dick in one – it just doesn’t seem right. My search criteria has therefore focussed on women around 40yrs of age, and I apologise for the fact that one thing that could not escape my attention was that most looked a little too mumsy. Whilst their adverts gave me wood, they didn’t look as inviting as the nymphettes 20yrs their junior. I’m sorry, Disapproving Reader, I genuinely am, and I was disappointed with my own reaction. Then today I found myself thrashing away over pictures of Jordan (43), Donna (41), Sue (40), Tia (45) and Monica (40). No, they did not have the svelte, athletic figures of their younger counterparts, but yes, they most definitely got me hard, yes, I shot my load over their photosets, and yes, if they’d dropped their knickers and invited me to fuck them, I wouldn’t have had to give it a second’s thought. This pleased me as it reafirmed my belief that a cunt is a beauiful thing, no matter whose it is, and I’m interested in far more than age when it comes to who I’d like to fuck (within reason).

It seems there is still life in the old dog.

2 Responses to “DLS 16a : Older but wiser”

  1. I think I’m a bit like you. As much as I don’t mind looking at younger men, I am not really interested in fucking them. I’m not even sure why really. I think I like my men a bit older, possibly hoping they’d have more experience and thus provide me with a better experience 😉

  2. Good to see you back, AM! As a 40 something woman, it’s nice to see mags dedicated to them. I had no idea they existed.

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