New fantasy

I have a new fantasy.
Well, not so much a new one, but rather an extension of a long standing fantasy, combined with unsatiated curiosity.

A few months ago we watched a film which had a higher than average number of scenes that were explicitly, if only mildly graphically, sexual. One in particular was a spit-roasting scene. It’s not a term I particularly like as, to me, it hints of a scenario where a woman is little more than a piece of meat and is not an equal participant, but it’s a widely used, and quite descriptive pseudonym.

As I showered this morning, I found myself stroking my cock and contemplating the scene. Having never quite had a threesome, it is not an act I have first hand experience of and am not familiar with the mechanics, so I couldn’t help but notice that in the film the female protagonist was ostensibly motionless whilst her attendees enthusiastically hammered away at her from both ends. They did all the work. They fucked her.

It got me wondering.
Is this necessary, or beneficial? Certainly it concurs with the porn I’ve seen of a similar ilk.

Perhaps, Lucky Reader, you have been part of such a ménage a trios? Can you enlighten me? Does it work if the guys stay still and the girl rocks back and forth on their dicks. I can see that, if she prefers to have her orifices thrust into simultaneously, then it is all but essential that she needs to leave the work to her partners. But suppose she likes to suck down one tool while the other vacates her pussy and then have the opportunity to take a breath as it glides back into her from behind, is it practicable for her to pleasure all three conspirators with a rhythm of her choosing?

It is entirely possible I was over thinking this as I got down on all fours in the shower and attempted to replicate the movement that might be necessary to control both penetrations. (The fact that I opened my mouth and angled my head appropriately probably confirms an unnecessary degree of cognitive process. But hey!) It seemed to me that it would be possible, at least in theory. It also seemed to stiffen my cock considerably, which was unexpected.

You will doubtless have read mention, Loyal Reader, of how my favourite fantasy has been for some time to get pegged by a woman wearing a purple rubber corset with matching stockings and opera gloves. It is even possible that I may have mentioned to you that, whilst not physically or romantically attracted to men, I harbour a little curiosity about holding someone else’s erection and giving a blow-job.

Can you see where this is going, Imaginative Pervert?

My new fantasy is exclusively heterosexual, but represents the culmination of all these ideas.
Watching the spit-roasting scene.
Curiosity about the dynamic for simultaneous O/A.
Fantasising about getting buggered with a strap-on.
Curiosity about sucking on a cock.


NB: A large proportion of pegging pornographs you’ll find online are centred around fem-dom. The photos of strap-on spit-roasting, even more so. Whilst I have found light BDSM to be fun in the past, my fantasies do not fit into this category, but rather make up a more egalitarian, and mutually pleasurable scene.

5 Responses to “New fantasy”

  1. 21stcenturyb0y Says:

    I’m in!

  2. It is entirely possible …. and now I’m headed to watch some port since before reading this I was mildly horny and now a bit more so. 😉

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