Honest porn

Thankfully, since Google disappeared up its prudish arse, it has seen the error of its ways, and for the most part, I have found that if you suffix a search term with porn, that is what you get. In Google’s defense, that seems like a good compromise. It is also how I source most of my wank inspiration.

And so, last night, as I lay in bed, I reached for my smartphone and typed in something like cock cunt porn. Whilst I wasn’t in the mood for anything particularly kinky, or thematic, I do have a particular penchant for animated pornographs, and for some reason, they often look better in black and white, so I added those criteria for my image search.

And the search engine did exactly what I wanted it to.

As we all know, there is good porn, and bad porn. For me, if the guy has his hand round the woman’s throat while he fucks her, that is definitely bad porn. If there’s a rubber clad dominatrix yanking on a rope tied around her hooded victim’s balls, despite my love of rubber and ball stretching,Β  that too is usually bad porn. If four guys are shooting their loads over a woman’s face while she’s getting DP’d, that’s invariably bad too. It’s all to easy to find bad porn, without the intention so to do, and so it was with my search for cock cunt porn. But amidst the gifs that did arouse me was this gem.


I love its simplicity.
It’s honesty.
It’s baseness.
It’s a cock, and a cunt.
It’s a simple fuck.
It’s what most of us want.
I love how, other than the transience of his hand, there is no distraction with props, toys or underwear, backgrounds, faces.
Just cock. And cunt.

I love the way his cock arches slightly in response to her pussy’s resistance.
How his tip momentarily slides along her slit.
How the swell of her lips undulates as they cinch abound his knob.
Until her channel yields and his helmet disappears into her.
It’s a sensation I remember, albeit distantly.
The instantaneous change from negative to positive.
Somewhere between a flick of his tool, and a suck of her quim.
I love how there is no pause.
Not a slamming thrust, but one smooth movement as his length sinks in her twat.
Her warmth enveloping his dick.
His girth filling her snatch.
Muscle within muscle.
Stretch and squeeze.
The moment of consummation and consumption.
Although they have not crashed together, there is almost a bounce as she is impaled to his hilt.
And a ripple in his skin as her grip forces it back.

I love this image, and hope, Dear Reader, you find it as easy to imagine you are one of the protagonists as I do.

6 Responses to “Honest porn”

  1. revealedwoman Says:

    A lovely image which has me longing…

    Why is he holding onto his cock though? To steer it in? Is it not on autopilot, able to find its way without guidance? Or is it an artistic tease so that we don’t see his size until he removes his hand?

    • Who knows!
      My berst guess is, as you say, to guide it in: even though it seems quite common in porn, in my (limited) experience, it’s rarely necessary – you can move your hips to get the angle right, and then all’s needed is decent thrust and your in. Maybe I have an unusually unarticulated cock?

  2. Nice one AM. I particularly like your prose that describes it. πŸ˜‰

  3. So fucking erotic. Even better when matched with your description.

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