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There’s a lot of sex on the interent. A LOT! I know that and you, Dear Reader, know that too. There are thousands and thousands of us waving our cocks and cunts in eachother’s virtual faces, giving ourselves a sticky rub as we type one handed about our sexual successes and failures, or about the piece of plastic we really want someone else to ram up our arses. And with such prolific perversity, it’s rare to find anything new and original. Today I did just that. I came across something that <–more–>is quite unlike anything I’ve unearthed on the sex-web before. (And when I say I came across it, I think you know exactly what I mean.)

Let me introduce you to Oh Joy Sex Toy. A blog that not only provides some great reviews of sex toys and wise sex advice, it’s also all so worderfully and graphically drawn. I’d tell you more aboutit, but you’ll have far more fun if you have a look.
Enjoy, Dearest Perverts.

2 Responses to “Blog pimp”

  1. It is a great website which I’ve followed since I’ve been blogging. They are just brilliant.

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