For the love shoes

If you’ve ever spent time looking at BDSM porn, or shopping in proper fetish shops (I say proper because you can buy things as notionally kinky as a pair of latex panties and riding crop in any old sex shop these days) you will probably have encountered ballet boots before.


In case you were too distracted by the luscious, skin tight rubber, Dear Closet Fetishist, I’ll draw your attention to the footwear: the vertiginously high healed shoes that make it impossible to walk with anything but a fettered hobble, crawl on your hands and knees … or just submit. Which ever your preference … or your D’s desire.

I was reminded of these when I stumbled across this picture from the Scary Beautiful project by Leanie van der Vyver.


She designed them to make a serious, possibly even feminist point, and to start a conversation about the unrealistic ideals of beauty in fashion by taking the high heeled shoe, how it makes women stand and walk, to an extreme.

And she’s probably right. How many women are all but crippled by high heeled shoes, for little reason than to make their legs and arses look beautiful, more alluring to men? But then again, I’ll wager a trunk full of Manolo Blahniks that the sight of these shoes stiffens the cocks and moistens the pussies of more than a few fetishists.

10 Responses to “For the love shoes”

  1. I injured my back as a teen so I quickly gave up on high heels, Not to mention that my ex was only about an inch taller than me and didn’t like the idea of me being taller than him. I did wear some heels, but only on occasion. Plus, heels aren’t exactly practical when you’re running after toddlers for years on end 😉

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