I’m sorry but …

Dear Mademoiselle de la Rue (or should I just address you as the woman in the street?)

Yes, I just undressed you with my eyes.
It does t mean I don’t respect you. It means I think you look good.
Yes, that also means I quite fancy the idea of getting my hands on your tits, my fingers up your snatch, and my dick in your mouth, but not that I’d even consider it without your full complicity. No. Absolutely not. I’ll stare an Aston Martin and lust after its voluptuous curves, fantasise about how it handles, imagine the scent of the fine hides with which it is upholstered, the purr as the engine starts, the thrust as I fill the carb with go-juice, and the squeal from the tyres as I misjudge the breaking point: would I consider taking it for a spin without the owners consent? That would be absurd!

Nor does it mean I don’t respect you as a person, or as a woman. Hell! It’s because you’re a woman. An attractive woman. A sexually attractive woman. A sexually attractive woman who’s cleavage looks fantastic as does the way her vest top fails to hide the scalloped edges of her lace bra.

Yes, you’re absolutely right, I have just followed you down the road with my eyes glued to your arse. You obviously know that tight white miniskirt does nothing to hide your g-string. After all, your bum cheeks hide most of it. But you know what? I wasn’t stalking you. We just happened to be going the same way. Granted, if I’d walked my normal pace I would have strode past you ages ago, but with such a vista it seemed like a day to take my time and get to the office a little late. And tarrying made my day better, so thank you.


Why am I telling you you look good?
Because you caught me lusting after you. And you’ve noticed how I struggle not to get distracted by your boobs when I’m talking to you.

You knew you looked good this morning when you checked yourself in the mirror. As you turned sideways, smoothed your hands down your stomach, arched your back and pushed out your chest. You wanted to look good. And boy did you succeed! I know you’re only wearing that light, flouncy dress because the weather’s really hot and the sheer silk is really comfortably, but those 4″ heels can’t be. Not that they don’t make your lovely, long, tanned legs look good too.

Of course the way you dress isn’t an invitation. It doesn’t cheapen you. It doesn’t mark you out as just a sex object or slutty. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being a slut.) And it doesn’t give me a right to think I could ever fuck you. But I’m sure as my cock is stiffening that that would be fun.

Don’t hate me. I am not a predator. I’m just an average guy with a lobido responding to visual stimuli.
I don’t want you to accept my apology or forgive me, because I’m not sorry for looking, or enjoying. I don’t want you to feel awkward or violated or offended, so if I’ve done any such feelings, think but this and all is mended: I am but an honest Puck who thinks you’re hot.

And even though I’ve stared at your tits and imagined you sucking me off, it doesn’t mean I don’t think of you as an equal. Hell! You’re better than me. Because no one ever looked at me in the way that I’m looking at you. No one ever undressed me with their eyes. And whilst I can do my job just as well as any woman, no one thinks I look as good as you do.

With fondest regards,


14 Responses to “I’m sorry but …”

  1. Ah! I wish someone still felt that way when I wear a tight miniskirt, but now they would notice the blobs of fat rather than the smooth curves. Oh well, I’ll have to make do with my brains then 😉

  2. revealedwoman Says:

    I love that statement: ‘no one ever looked at me the way I’m looking at you’
    Somehow that makes it such a lovely compliment that you are admiring her, almost envious that she receives the type of admiring glances that you, perhaps, have only ever dreamed of receiving.
    Yes, we’ve all been there…

  3. Frank Friend Says:

    It may not be an invitation, but it certainly intentional that she is showing off her assets…

    • But is it ok to assume that she will not feel violated by our lechery?

    • Frank Friend Says:

      If she walks around in public dressed to attract attention, then she ought not to mind if men stare a bit. That doesn’t mean whistle or catcall or touch her, but looking should be OK. She can always choose to dress less provocatively if she wants less attention.

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