Sometimes a mood just takes you. Often with me, that mood is to look at porn and toss myself off. Sometimes it’s a little kinkier. Recently it’s been a little rubbery.

I don’t get to wear rubber very often, which is a pity, as it’s sexy as hell and I love it. (Latex has a distinct aroma which stays with you if you wear it … unless, as I understand it, your fetish gear has been through a process called chlorination, which mine hasn’t.) I certainly don’t wear it often enough to justify the cost of buying most of it. And yet I want to buy more. For a while as least, as a household, we are fortunate to find ourselves more financially secure than ever before, and there really is genuinely expendable income in the bank. And so, as I flicked through my emails, trashing those of little interest, I found myself looking at a one about a fetish shop’s summer sale. Included amongst their reduced lines were some rubber catsuits.


Usually such suits are upwards of £200, often significantly more, yet some had been reduced to around £100.
My attention was caught.
Yet, £100 is still not a sum to be sniffed at. And they were only offered in black, which is not really to my taste.
Out of curiosity I headed to eBay, wondering what latex catsuits went for secondhand. There weren’t many to be found but, a little searching led me to find I could get a new one for much less, of you’re prepared to out-source it to China. Which reminded me of my design. And as there seems to have been a proliferation of how to make your own rubber-wear courses and YouTube how-tos, I’ve been wondering about getting a cheap-ish catsuit and modifying it.

Or just buying one and enjoy having it for a while.
Just owning a latex catsuit would be cool.
But if I’m only going to get to wear it once in a blue moon, how can I justify spending such a wad of cash on it?
Just because I want it? Want to buy it? That’s bordering on a shopping addiction, isn’t it?
But maybe one day I could open my little wooden chest of naughty secrets, and say yes Dear, I’ve had it for years. Fetch the polish, would you?

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