DLS 17 : Swing!

There must be something in the air at the moment, or in the water, because I seem to be constantly horny. Even more than usual. 24/7. Not only that, I’m very much going through a kink phase. Sometimes my porn digest is just cocks and cunts. Right now it’s heavily doused in fetishism. There’s a degree to which this is a nuisance as I have a load of work to do and time frames are narrow. I could just rub one out at the start of the working day, unplug the computer from the internet and crack on with productive day after productive day. But I’m not built that way. I get off on the tease. And if no one else is going to tease me sexually, I’ll do it myself.

Having been obsessing over rubber catsuits for the last week or two, I’ve fetched other toys out of my little wooden chest of naughty secrets.
My Fleshlight has had a good pounding on several occasions recently.
My Fun Factory Booty has hardly seen daylight.


And the stainless steel collars that clamp so sweetly around my scrotum have been swinging and clacking against each other for at least 6hrs a day. (Today it should be convenient to wear them for more than 11hrs. Tomorrow possibly nearly 36!)

I love my ball stretchers.
And I love how I feel when I wear them.
It’s been a while since they were bolted to my balls and I’d forgotten how great they feel.

There’s a transition into comfort and joy – the first 10min with a single collar in place can be a little uncomfortable, as my sack is subjected to the initial stretch, but once the skin relaxes, that mild sting subsides and I can easily fit the second collar. Which is devine.

The weight.
The warmth.
The containment.
The stretch.
The gentle tug as I stand up and my nuts are encouraged south by gravity.
The swing as I walk or, when no one is looking, practice some pelvic thrusts, propelling my steel trussed bollocks back and forth. Just for pleasure.
I love my ball stretchers.
I dream that one day I can achieve a permanent stretch such that my balls will swing naturally, without attached assistants. But when I’m hard, my sack contracts considerably and I am intensely jealous of anyone who sports danglers like theses.


I would love my testicles to swing naturally as I walk and bounce of the rump of any woman I fucked. Or that she could easily wrap her fingers around bove my nuts and tug on them whilst she pleasured my cock.


2 Responses to “DLS 17 : Swing!”

  1. Always good to get the view from the other side — I would have never even thought of this as pleasure. Enjoy!

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