Some things you just have to share. And this picture is one of them. Possibly the most beautiful image I’ve seen in … I have no idea how long. Almost certainly years.

Beauty is possibly an odd word to use, but I mean it. I genuinely think it is beautiful.

Hold on

It’s hard to say.
Yes, she has a pretty face, and a gorgeous, toned, tanned body. So does he.
But there’s something else.
It’s not, you may be surprised to hear, specifically related to the sexual act of her tugging on his cock. (And as far as I can see, she’s only tugging on his cock, not his balls.)
It’s not even that her full bush is set against his baldness.
Nor how it is visceral and explicit without being gratuitous.
Somehow it is extremely sexual without that being remotely exclusive.
Or, if you look closely, that she’s got her belly button pierced.

Erotica rather than porn?
But that’s not it.

There’s something about the pose.
A harmony.
Strength and trust. In both of them.
I want to be him.To feel her hands around my cock.Her grip, not only supporting her own weight, but his also. For if she were to release him, they would both fall.

A union.And there I run out of words. Other than the one with which I started.


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