That thing

That thing, when you go to the sports center for your usual weekly training session. To pit your strength, skill and physical dexterity against other men. To display your masculine prowess. To affirm your dominant position in the hierarchy. To prove how Alpha you are.

You’ve said hello to your mates.


You go to the changing room with your sports bag, where more greetings and testosterone drenched banter are exchanged.
And as you get your kit out and start to undress, chatting to a couple of your fellow competitors, you realise you didn’t plan ahead that morning. When you chose your underwear you were careless, and your friends are probably about to learn you’re the only guy they know who wears a see-thru, green mesh thong.

13 Responses to “That thing”

  1. Maybe you started a trend…and you’ll see more green, mesh thongs in the changing room. 😉

  2. Hahaha!!!
    Thanks for the laugh, sorry for the embarrassment!

  3. Oh, and thanks for the eye candy you chose for your post 😉

  4. Hmmm, will there be a part 2 post to this? You know, the members only kind? We could appreciate the anecdote better with a more accurate visual 😉

  5. Frank Friend Says:

    I don’t have a see thru mesh thing at all. But I seem to be only one in the yoga studio who doesn’t try to hide himself while in the changing room. Then again I also like to skinny dip and visit clothing optional beaches.

    • I confess I do “hide myself” if there’s anyone I know there. But that’s only to avoid my waxed balls and narrow landing strip becoming a talking point. Amongst strangers, or on a beach, I too will happily let it all hang out.

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