Fucket list

Inspired by The Woman Invisible‘s sex bucket list, I thought I’d try to put togethter one of my own. I’ve vaguely thought about it in the past, but never got round to putting pen to paper, and at least one thing on the list is down to The Woman Invisible as she put the idea in my head.
So, in no particular order (and starting with something quite obvious), here goes …

  1. A threesome – FMF.
    I love the idea of having a woman sat on my face whilst another rides my cock.
  2. Get spit-roasted – FMF.
    Two strap-ons: one in my mouth, one in my arse.
  3. A foursome – FFMF.
    Perhapse I’m being greedy, but a cunt on my tongue, another on my dick, a strapon in my arse, and more tits to fondle than I have hands for.
  4. A threesome – MFM.
    Of all the things on my group sex bucket list, this is probably at the bottom, but I’d like to experience being with a woman for whom one cock isn’t enough.
  5. Hire an escort.
    At least once. I think I could enjoy that. 
  6. Fuck outdoors in the rain.
    (Thanks for this one, Invisible Woman.)
  7. Fuck in public.
    Somewhere like Trafalgar Square. (How phallic is that column!?)
  8. Jerk off in public.
  9. Expose myself to strangers.
    I know this is illegal, and I certainly wouldn’t want to cause any offence, but I’d like to make someone smile.
  10. Appear in a commercially available porn movie.
    Who knew I was quite such an exhibitionist!?
  11. Own a latex catsuit.
  12. Fuck whilst wearing a latex catsuit.
    If the woman I’m fucking is also rubbered up, even beter.
    (Despite the likelyhood of #11 happening pretty soon, it’s a pity this is unlikely to ever happen.)
  13. Give a guy a handjob.
  14. Give a guy a blow job.
    Neither of the above are because I have ever felt any physical or romantic attraction to men, but I’m curious to know what it feels like. And whilst I know what my own cum tastes like, how different is someone else’s?
  15. Fuck a stranger I only met 5 minutes ago.
    When we’re both satiated, immediately go out seperate ways without ever knowing anything about each other at all.
  16. Get tossed off whilst driving a car.
  17. Finger fuck someone whilst I’m driving a car.
  18. Finger fuck someone whilst they’re driving a car.
    Obviously the three car/masturbation fantasies are dangerous and probably shouldn’t be tried.
  19. Get deep-throated.
  20. Fuck the bride just before the ceremony … and not at my wedding.
    Utterly unforgivable, I know, and I certinaly couldn’t do it if the groom was someone I had any respect for, but to be her last pre-marital fuck, and to know my cum was slick between her thighs as she said “I do” would be pretty damned horny. (Could be combined with 15.)
  21. Have really kinky sex with someone famous.
    Not because I care about fame or want to kiss and tell, but it would be cool to see them on the TV and know what no one else knows.
  22. Go to a swingers party.
  23. Visit a dungeon / dominatrix.
  24. Have a sex-slave for a day.
    D/s isn’t really my thing, but just for a day – to have unrestricted (consentual) use of someone else’s body could be a lot of fun. 
  25. Be someone’s sex slave for a day.
    I have no idea what this would actually be like, but I’d like to give it a go. 
  26. Watch my Wife fuck someone else.
    There are various reasons for this, and not necessarily obvious ones.
  27. Play with the tits of someone wth implants.
    I’m not into big tits, but I’d like to know what they feel like.
  28. Donate sperm.
    I like the idea of being handed a pile of porn mags by a hot nurse, and 10min later handing her a cup of jizz.
    Believe it or not, I’ve never done this, mainly because I don’t want to have someone wanting to track me down in decades to come. If you got paid for it, that might chane my mind – it almost certainly would have done in years gone by.WPsdd
  29. Try a sex swing.
  30. Get a genital piercing.
    I thought about getting a Prince Albert years ago when I got a nipple pierced, but thought I’d start small. I’m not sure I’d go for a PA these days, but I love the idea of a ring just above my cock or through my ball sack. Should I ever end up single again, this will probably happen in New Life Week 1.
  31. Go down on a woman with a genital piercing.
  32. Get a tattoo on my cock.
    I’m not sure I’d actually go through with this, but…
  33. Get permanent laser hair removal for my scrotum, arse crack and buttocks.
    Being waxed is great but it would be nice to be permanently smooth. I’d leave the pubes above my cock so I could choose what fuzzy decoration to wear. 
  34. Parachute naked, and jerk off during free-fall.
    There’s a high chance this would lead to death, but what a way to go!
  35. Fuck in zero-gravity.
    Never gonna happen, but I’m curious: Would it open up the possibility of loads of weird and wonderful positions, or would it be really difficult. And can you imagine the money shot!?
  36. Fuck on a train.
  37. Join the Mile High Club.
    (The Woman Invisible got here first too.) I’ve wanked, been wanked, and wanked a girlfriend at 30,000ft, but not fucked.)

I dare say if I sat here long enough I could come up with another 37 things I’d like to do, but I think that’s probably enough to get stated. 

17 Responses to “Fucket list”

  1. I’ve never written this kind of list…I have a few things I’d like to do… but there are a whole bunch I could help you with. I’m in your ‘hood in October 😉

  2. Frank Friend Says:

    I have accomplished 7, 8, 13, 14, 16, 28, 36, and 37. And if get deep throated means experiencing the male part, then I’ve got that, too. Not a bad start.

    • Not a bad start indeed. What’s next on your list then?

    • Frank Friend Says:

      Of the things you list, perhaps my top fantasy is to be an escort/gigolo. With or without any expectation of happy endings. I have no idea how to go about that, however.

      My limited 3-some interactions have not left me hungering for that, even though it often seems a fantasy. It’s hard for anyone to focus on two people at once, which means one person is left out.

      Fucking a bride-to-be just before her wedding sounds hot, as does fucking an unhappy wife whose husband ignores her. Also fucking a beautiful actress.

    • Oooh. I was thinking of being with an escort, not being an escort. That should go on my list.
      If you want to try being one, have a look at the AdultWork website.

    • Frank Friend Says:

      That site seems to have only members in the UK. I’m in USA. Wonder if there is something like it in USA

    • Ah. Thought it was international. There must be something similar.

    • Frank Friend Says:

      Probably. Although nothing that I’ve seen so far that seems to work for amateurs. And if it’s the province of pros, it’s probably dangerous to go there as an amateur…

    • I don’t know that Adultwork is necessarily for amateurs. There seem to be enough escorts who work part time and full time.

  3. Always good to have some dreams and then achieve some of them! 😉

  4. 21stcenturyb0y Says:

    Reblogged this on B0Y . LU5T and commented:
    I should make a Fucket List myself…I have some similar threads on mine. In this list I have completed (some more than once) 1, 8, 19, 13 (started not finished), and 26.

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