The art of the tongue

Part 3 of a short series of fun and sexy things I found on the internet.

If you are a fan of hard rock, Dear Reader, when you look at the images below, you will instantly think of Iron Maiden, for it the character depicted is indeed that of Eddie, their long serving mascot.

If you noticed the text on the models back (also in Maiden’s font) you minght wonder what Paintopia is. It’s a body painting festival.

There’s something very sexy about body painting. Obviously the canvas being typically naked (or near naked) is a little sexy. But then you hide the nudity with distracting images, whilst the body is simultaneously exposed. And the process of a fine brush or pin point jet of air tracing lines over every inch of skin. Yep. That’s sexy!

Whilst the art can be of an incredibly high standard, obviously you’re a pervert too (well you are reading my blog you filthy little smut monkey) so doubtless you’ll be thinking she’s hot! But because you’re also amongst my favorite sort of people, you’ll probably be looking at that tongue and thinking YES PLEASE!!!






One Response to “The art of the tongue”

  1. Ha! Now that I’ve scrolled down far enough, I can see which tongue you’re referring to… Yes, I agree, I wouldn’t mind being *that* tongue!

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