A belle’s bell

Part 5 of a short series of fun and sexy things I found on the internet.

Morlity is a flexible concept. One person’s vanilla is another person’s unjustifiably depraved perversion. For some, the line must be drawn at bondage, watersports or S&M. Others would set the bar of sexual deviancy as low as even lustful thoughts. I’ll pin my colours to a flag here, and state that I’m not a man of faith, and feel no need for a deity. I have little time for religion, not least when it comes to its attitude to sex. It would be easy to cite examples from different religions, and I don’t want to be accused of picking on anyone in particular, but this made me laugh. 


And if that doesn’t make you smile, maybe you will the next time you hear this disco classic. 

Anita was pretty obviously talking about fucking her man when he gets home from work, but now we know exactly what she had on her mind.

One Response to “A belle’s bell”

  1. Funny! When I read the awful text in the first picture (from my reader, so I didn’t see the second media), my mind went straight to this song! I had no idea until now that this was a song about fucking: the disco years were before I spoke any of your charming language, so I’d never paid much attention to the lyrics before.

    I don’t understand how people can say that God created us at his image, which should be perfection, and then assume that he didn’t intend for us to enjoy what he gave us. Really? Who are you to say so? Where is it written black on white? It certainly isn’t in the 10 commandments!
    Even in the Quran, it says that a man’s duty is to fulfill his wife’s needs.
    Silly men trying to exact their power over us poor women. :-/
    Do they really fear us that much that they feel the need to crash us? Sigh!

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