Fuck politics!

As I browsed the torrent of useless information on social media this morning, I stumbled upon a link to a website called Sexy MP. Amongst other things, it claims to be the most popular banned website at Parliament, and in June 2015, The Telegraph (online) reported that 484,683 attempts to view sexymp.co.uk were made by MPs, peers and parliamentary staff last year. Well, I had to have a look, didn’t I, Dear Reader?

To save you looking, there is nothing (as far as I can see) remotely explicit about the site, just a chance to vote MP1 or MP2 when presented with a couple of publicity head shots of MPs – given the option, who would you shag? And then it lists all the UK’s MPs in order of fuckability.

It’s all intended to be a bit of a giggle, and nothing serious. But I think the results say something particularly interesting about British (and probably Western) attitudes:

As I type this, 85% of those MPs in the Top 100 are Conservative.
(For those not up to speed on UK politics, that’s the main right-of-centre party.)

Initially I took that at face value – there are more sexy people on the right than the left.
Then I thought about it, and what it says about our perception of personal aesthetics, how we present ourselves, and what that says about both our politics and how we are perceived.
Could it be said that those on the left are more concerned with policy and less with ephemera?
Considering those on the right tend to be more affluent, does money buy you beauty?

I suspect there is something in this, but I’m not a social scientist.

Anyway. Just my brief thought for the day.

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