Sweet dreams

It is a common assertion that our dreams are rooted in our day to day lives : the things that are a the forefront of our waking minds are also at the forefront of our sleeping minds. There’s been a common theme to several of my dreams in the last week or two: can you guess what might be on my mind, Perceptive Reader?

Dream #1

Somehow, my Wife and I were at a sex expo. (Obviously this will never happen in RL, but nor will what followed.) It took remarkably little effort to convince Her that She should wear a latex catsuit to dinner, and so She slipped into a skin tight, black, rubber outfit. Not wanting to press the issue of fetishwear too far, I donned a PVC catsuit, again in black, and we headed down to the hotel’s restaurant for the evening’s entertainment. (I have no idea how me also wearing latex would have been more intimidating for my Wife, especially as She was dressed in it. And why oh why oh why, when my advocacy for colourful, glamorous fetishwear, were we both dressed in black? But hey, that’s dreams for you. ) Once we were dressed, I suggested She would look even finer if I polished her suit, and She consented. I doused her with silicone, buffed her till she shone like a new penny, and got very hard. She offered to deal with my swollen cock, but I declined – later would be fine.

We left our room and went for supper. The restaurant was packed by the time we arrived and we struggled to find seats. Eventually we found a couple of spaces at a table at the edge of the entertainment area, where the entertainment would take place, although we had to share it with a quartet of octogenarians.

The floor show started, and whilst the performers were sexily dressed with a modicum of fetishwear, their dance routines were pretty tame. So my Wife and I decided to amuse ourselves whilst the waiting staff went off to put everyone’s orders together. There was a white leather sofa next to our table, to which my Wife retired, lay back,undid the full length zip of her rubber catsuit, exposing Herself from neck to arse, spread Her legs wide, and bade me feast on Her body. Not wanting to disappoint, I proceeded to filled my mouth with her tits and pussy.

Then I woke up with monstrous erection. 

Sweet dreams, eh! Sweet dreams …

3 Responses to “Sweet dreams”

  1. Hey! That’s just dream #1! Where are the others?
    (and very hot, by the way!)

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