That’s just your point of view

An ex-fuck-buddy of mine, Fiona, used to like me to hold a mirror so she could watch my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. I was more than happy to oblige for various reasons.

  1. In my naive youth I had been conditioned to believe that it was only men who were turned on visually, so knowing she liked to watch was, in itself, a turn on. She wanted to see what I got to see. It confirmed that she was as into the sex as I was.
  2. When it comes to sex, I’m a giver. So to do something that Fiona actively wanted me to do, something that was a positive turn on for her, was fantastic.
  3. You know that 1970s thing about having a mirrored ceiling above the bed? Deliciously kitsch kink, isn’t it? So is holding a mirror.
  4. On an egotistical note, it meant Fiona liked the look of my dick. Bonus points!

So it was entirely positive holding a mirror so Fiona could watch my cock sliding in and out of her cunt … or to see her cunt sliding up and down on my cock.

You see, it’s all about your point of view. Frame of reference. Who is fucking who? Who’s genitals are doing what to who’s? Where is the focus of attention?

Ah yes, focus. There’s another pertinent word. Focus. It’s all about vision. Seeing. How you see things. Or in the case of screwing, what you get to see. And it only occurred to me today, that there was a very good reason why Fiona liked me to hold mirror for her to watch our genital union. I had never given it much thought, but as I randomly scrolled though some online porn, the penny dropped.

I adjusted my porno-search-term to female point of view porn, and my suspicions were confirmed.


When it comes to fucking, women have a lousy view.
As men, we definitely have the best seat in the house.

So here’s a suggestion, Dearest Pervs and Pervettes, take a mirror to bed with you and enjoy the show.

2 Responses to “That’s just your point of view”

  1. corsetandstockings Says:

    Totally agree AM.
    When I visited the swingers club I chose the private room with the mirror – and then got annoyed that my partner adopted positions which meant he could watch but I couldn’t see what was happening without getting neck strain

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