Time and effort

Animating pictures takes time. Even something as simple as filming a few seconds on a phone, transferring that to a laptop, trimming it, and converting to a cinemato-gif can easily take half an hour. Starting from scratch takes even longer. I don’t know, but I could easily have spent more than a working day one of my own favorite a graphic creations. So when I saw this, I had to share it. Because I know how long someone must have taken to create it. How much time and effort. And probably how many times they had a wank whilst doing so … or maybe that’s just me.


4 Responses to “Time and effort”

  1. That was incredibly fascinating to watch

  2. corsetandstockings Says:

    Interesting that she’s waxed and he’s au naturel…

  3. Frank Friend Says:

    I found that both rather interesting and stimulating to watch.

    I can only imagine that the artist must be male as the visuals in the animation entirely match the sensations that I feel and movements that I made as a orgasm and cum inside a woman, from the movements and spurts, to the final twitch to what it feels like when I pull out when on the one hand it feels like I’m already becoming limp to how it still seems more firm once it’s out.

    I’d never really visualized it before, and this animation seems rather perfect.

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