Dirty laundry

The house is full of stuff. Too much stuff. And we’ve started to look at getting rid of some clutter. So I’ve been up in the loft looking through boxes. It’s mostly old music cassettes, old computers and VCRs, old photographs from the days before you could forget them all on a hard drive, and packaging for things we bought years ago. And amidst all this I found some horny gems.

I knew there was a box full of old VHS cassettes, mostly of films and series I recorded off the TV a decade or more ago. There are also a few pre-recorded tapes I bought, and amongst them were titles I though were in the possession of Geri, my ex. They include Flesh Gordon, Caligula, Fritz The Cat (widely claimed to be the first full length animated porn film) the classic Emmanuelle and a couple of hard core skin flicks – The Pyramid and The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers.
All wonderful stuff I can’t wait to reacquaint myself with … as soon as I can cajole one of the VCRs back into life.

And then there were some books. Sexy books. Some very sexy books. Dirty books. When I was a student, I used to regularly tour the discount book shops, full of end of line titles sold at a fraction of the cover price once they were out of print. And there were always some erotic art books amongst these, frequently published by Taschen.
Lamentably, these have lain neglected in our loft for years, deprived of their purpose – to be wanked over.
There was the glorious adolescent pleasure of Hajime Sorayama’s seminal art book, Sexy Robots.
Erik Kroll’s Fetish Days, a desk diary full of fetishistic photos that’s really NSFW.
Along with a sparsely illustrated copy of Fanny Hill.
The seminal BDSM novel, The Story of O, which I confess I’ve neither read, nor have any great desire to.
A pocket edition of the Karma Surra, and the 1970s’ sex bible, The Joy Of Sex. Sadly, though obviously, these are of absolutely no use to me whatsoever these days, though considering the hippie-esque approach of the latter, that might serve my Wife quite well, if only She could muster enough enthusiasm for sex to try something. Anything!

Will these gems ever see the light of day? It’s difficult to say. I might well rip the movies onto a hidden partition of our media server for personal enjoyment. Or perhaps they should all be hidden with appallingly little care. Just so they could be stumbled upon. 

9 Responses to “Dirty laundry”

  1. corsetandstockings Says:

    Sell them on eBay! Or Oxfam would take them 😉
    The Story of O is not a particularly enjoyable read, too much pain and humiliation but very ‘unusual’ for its time.
    As for ‘The Joy if Sex’ – that beard! So creepy….

    • I kind of like The Joy of Sex. It’s so 1970s, and the tree-huggy way it talks about sex makes me laugh.
      I know a little of The Story of O, which is why I have no great desire to read it. It’s a curio, but not one for me. I was thinking of getting rid of this. Possibly putting it in a bag of mixed items and leaving it at a charity shop. Someone might like it. Maybe one of the old biddies who work there? #ImABadPerson

  2. You seem to have a good collection…and of course you would. Turn it into something else. You should keep them or sell them on ebay.

    • Turn it into something else? I’m not sure I understand.
      I think I’ll keep some of it. “The Story of O” can go, I’m undecided about “The joy of Sex” though I kind of like its kitschness. I think there’s a copy of Kinsey I have no real interest in keeping too. Anything that goes could go to a charity shop (it would do some goon and the old ladies working there might get a cheap thrill) or eBay could help fund something like a Revo. Hmmm decisions decisions.
      (Good to see you again!)

    • When I have things I’ve treasured and I really don’t want to get rid of them but I don’t want them to go to waste, I might sell them to use the money towards a new interest – turning what I had into something else. xoxo It’s always nice to see you AM.

    • I see.
      Lots of kisses on the bottom … if you’ll just stand still. 😉

    • : ) I’m ticklish there, can’t help it.

    • And now you’re giving me creative exploratory fantasies.
      (And a boner.)

    • LOL – that’s what I’m here for. : )

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