It’s a sign!

Last night I was sounding off to friends about a contracted service provider who had deliberately mislead me for their own financial gain. I refered to them as a duplicitous cunt. Not wanting to offend anyone present, I just mouthed the word cunt. A female member of our party then proceded to show us how to say lady-parts (her phrase) in sign language, along with kick a cunt (for which she also mouthed the word cunt).

Being the perv I am, this morning I’ve found myself online learning sexual swear words in sign language, with the help of YouTube chanel, Dirty Signs with Kristin.


The host of these videos also has a book out, Supper Smutty Sign Language. Go buy it!
In the meantime, here are some of my favorite useful phrases from her YouTube channel.

I like porn

I’d rather be masturbating

There’s cum in your hair

Do you spit or swallow

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