As Henry Ford said …

Every few months, I’ll have a few weeks when, for no particular reason, I won’t look at porn. (I know what you’re thinking, Dear Reader, but I do, honestly!) Fate has a way of balancing things out, and in the last couple of weeks I suspect rarely more than a couple of waking hours have passed without me enjoying porn of some form or another.

The criteria for my internet porn searches is varied and unpredictable and the last few days it has definitely focussed on amateur porn. I particularly like this sub-genre as it has an honesty that I think is missing from mainstream commercial porn – it depicts real people having real sex because they really want to, rather than surgical enhancement, makeup, smiles as fake as the tits, poses, lights-camera-action … and pay-checks. Maybe the reality is something I identify with – these are my kind of perverts.

Being a lover of latex, this morning I searched for amateur rubber porn. I was not impressed with the results. Firstly there was a high proportion of photos that plainly weren’t amateur, much of that was gay porn, and the remainder was predominantly of the gas mask, gimp suit and bondage variety. Of the first 100 or so pics, these were about the only ones that remotely interested me.


I particularly liked the redhead in the catsuit, but there is more to rubber fetish than this, I reassured myself, and so I tried a subtly different search. Amateur latex porn. This was an improvement. At least the results were predominantly amateur, heterosexual, and there was hardly a gas mask, hood or handcuffs in sight. But there was still something that disappointed me.

This time I was a little more scientific. I actually counted through the first 100 photos (and only then did I get my cock out and have a rub). Precisely 86% of all the photos featured black latex. Seriously, Dear Perverts! Why just black? How many sex fans only have black underwear? Not many, I’d suggest. So why should such an overwhealming proportion of latex fetishwear be restricted to black? Take a look at just half of the photos of coloured rubber below, and then go back to the black results from my first search. Which looks better? Be honest. I can take it.


I can only think of one explanation.
Black rubber fetishwear has been around a lot longer than any other colour, followed by red. So I assume these are the easiest colours to make. therefore it seems reasonable to assume they’re the cheapest colours to make. You can get a black rubber mini-dress from Sharon Sloane (left) for just £20 or a similar item from Libidex (right) at £140.


A huge difference, and you may well get what you pay for in terms of quality, but a not insignificant fact is that the cheaper is available in any colour you like, as long as it’s black, whilst the more expensive is available in around 60 colours.
Sixty different colours, and the majority of DIY pornstars opt for black? For the love of all things hot and slippery, WHY? Am I really so unusual terms of fetishistic taste? Or that I consider form to be of equal, if not greater financial value than function. I’ll wager there are more than a few couples who have invested £160 in a Lelo Soraya and then skimped on the rubberwear. Shame on them!




11 Responses to “As Henry Ford said …”

  1. I think it has to do with the LBD (Little Black Dress for those of us struggling with acronyms).
    And not all colours being suited for all skin tones. Personally, from the bottom ones, I hate the red mask, though I like the electric blue catsuit and the little red dresses.
    But I too like colours so I’m biased 😉

    • The mask is certainly not my favorite, but I’d put that down to not being a fan of masks. There’s something sust a little freaky about them.
      Whilst I understand the versitility and alure of the LBD, I’m not sure Coco had rubber in mind.
      So … What are you going to ask Santa for? A LEBRD?

    • What does the E and B stand for? Or rather, what does the whole acronym stand for, because I can’t make sense of it as is 😉
      And I was thinking more along the lines of a pair of skis. I don’t see my mom buying me anything sex related 😉
      As for the mask… I agree that I don’t like the mask per se, but I also dislike the contrast between the red and her complexion 🙂

    • Little Electric Blue Rubber Dress.
      And you don’t have to tell your mom it’s for sex. It’s just a dress. Surely?

    • It may be a nice idea if it weren’t for the fact that I found out in the most uncomfortable of ways that I am allergic to latex :-p

    • Ah yes. I’d forgotten about that.
      In all seriousness, having rubberwear chlorinated is widely reported as aleviating that very problem (as well as making it easier to put on).

    • See, the thing is, I used latex for its safety. I have no other particular attraction to it. So I’ll forgo it for the foreseeable future and it’ll be just fine 🙂
      As for the only rubber I actually use… I think I prefer to switch to plain old silicone, seems easier than dipping condoms into chlorinated water 😉

    • Don’t knowk it till you’ve tried it. 😉
      By which I obviously mean wearing rubber, rather than having a vat of chlorine solution in the bedroom.

    • Well, I know I dislike the feel of rubber, always have, even rubber gloves. Probably my body telling me already way back when to stay away from the stuff! Even giving a blow job to someone who was wearing one before leaves my mouth feeling strange.
      And I dislike the way I sweat when my skin in ensconced in a non-breathing material. So… I don’t feel I’m missing out too much 😉
      But you made me laugh with your last comment!

    • Fair enough. It’s not for everyone, Amy more than bondage is.

    • Exactly! To each their own 🙂

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