I know I said I wouldn’t but … Pt. 2

Day 5114
Yesterday sgould have been a good day, one on which the focus should have been on me for a change. It hadn’t exactly been a bad day, that’s for sure, but a day when I barely even tossed myself off and a day when we’d gone to bed at least half an hour apart.
I woke with my usual boner, and after stroking it for a while, got out of bed and went downstairs.
I didn’t toss myself off and just had my tea and toast.
She came downstairs 20min later.
As I was sat at the table, from something She said, I sensed Her path across the kitchen was not entirely intended to miss me, and she rested an empathetic hand on my shoulder. Not entirely without precedent, not something that would normally have any great significance, and not something that would be expected to last more than a second.
I shifted in my chair. Not to escape Her touch, but to put my hand on her arse. She was dressed for the gym, so I was confident She would be wearing a thong. Through the thin fabric of Her tracksuit, the ridged seam of Her underwear confirmed this to be the case. I left my hand there, fingers spread gratuitously around a cheek and my extended thumb lying along her cleavage.
We both ignored my action, finished whatever part of the conversation we were on and She moved off to make Her tea.
My cock did not ignore my action.
2min later I crossed the kitchen to put my plate in the dishwasher. As I stood behind Her, I wanted to reach round and cup Her tits and press my erection into Her back.
Instead, I walked away.
But at least I thought I actively wanted to, and to misquote Elvis Costello, that’s so much more than I can say I have done for a long time. And for some reason I put on my wedding ring for first time in several months.

That evening we settled down on the sofa, each at our usual and respective ends. We flicked through the movies available online, and failing to be inspired by anything else, settled on something random.
She snuggled up and as I put my arm around Her shoulder, the base of my hand resting on Her tit. Not gratuitously, and not so as to be obviously intentional. I knew. She can’t not have known. But considering our respective contortions, I have no idea whether she attached any significance to it.
The movie done, we retired.
I was under the covers first, facing out towards the edge of the bed. When She got in, there was a little shuffling, then a hand on my back. I didn’t run. I didn’t squirm. I didn’t freeze. My breathing stayed relaxed.
Her: How are you doing?
Me: OK.
And I meant it.
I did nothing else. Didn’t turn towards Her. I didn’t respond to Her gesture. But I didn’t reject it either. Eventually She turned away and snuggled under the duvet.

Day 5115
The afternoon had familial activities planned. An event marking a significant date that I was genuinely looking forward too.
Considering how much of an Albatross the infamous red underwear has become, I have an indefensible habit of occasionally checking my Wife’s middle drawer to see if She’s wearing it.
She wasn’t on my birthday.
She was today.
It turned out to be a really good day.
We got home late and went straight to bed.
We snuggled briefly. Then She turned away and we went to sleep.

Day 5116
She left for work just as She had done for the last 116 days.

Day 5121
We were packing to go on holiday. We share an electric toothbrush (different brush heads, obviously) and in the morning I’d brushed my teeth before my Wife. I asked Her to put the power unit in my wash bag when She was finished with it. As I out the bag by the wash basin, I noticed it still had condoms in one of the side pockets from the last time we’d been away together and She’d suggested packing them. They were still there, unused and staring back at me 6 months later. I left them there to be seen.

Day 5126 On holiday.
I woke from a dream about going down on my Wife on the kitchen table. (I don’t usually dream about sex with Her these days – eg the day before I’d dreamed about trying to convince a client and his wife to buy latex catsuits like mine, but my Wife did not feature in it.) As I casually stroked my dick, I contemplated getting up for tea and a wank. In my head something just got too big and I don’t know why, but I reached for her under the duvet and put a hand on Her thigh, high enough up that I could feel Her wiry, unkempt pubes against my finger.
Her: Welcome back.
Me: I never went away.
We fucked. Though She finished the job by hand.

Day 5127
I was sat watching the TV in our holiday cottage. She had said She was tired and had gone upstairs to bed. But She came back down in her decidedly unsexy black nightie.
Her: I’m awake now.
I acknowledged the statement.
Me: Me too.
Her: You can be awake in bed.
Me: Ok. I’ll brush my teeth then.
So I did, and then we fucked.

Day 5128
I woke with a typically wooded rod.
I stirred early and contemplated getting up.
She rolled over and snuggled up.
My erection twitched.
She reached for it and tossed me off.


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  1. corsetandstockings Says:

    Things are looking up AM (literally, snigger)

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