I know I said I wouldn’t but … Pt. 4

[I’ve got my numbering of the days wrong here somehow, but suffice to say, the chronology is correct, if not the nomenclature.]

Day 5233
It was the day I’d been contacted by Kinky1971. I’d gone to bed early, but ostensibly so if could exchange pervy messages with her without my Wife noticing. Kinky1971 had gone quiet. I went to sleep. At some point my Wife came to bed and inadvertently woke me briefly. I was asleep again before She was under the covers. Later, maybe a minute, maybe 5, maybe an hour, I woke. There seemed to be little movements. Repeated, rhythmical movements. The sort you might sense if the woman lying next to you was gently wanking herself. But my Wife doesn’t masturbate. So that couldn’t have been the case. And the fact that I have almost been daring Her to catch me tossing myself off is neither here nor there. The fact that She caught me, and knows I know She caught me is irrelevant. My Wife does not wank. So maybe I didn’t wake up after all.

Day 5236
Last night, We had one of the biggest fights We’ve ever had. Not plates, fists nor insults thrown, but talk of blame and divorce.  It’s not the first such conversation in the last couple of months. Then this morning we had make up sex. And the world was a better place.
When we realised we were both awake, we both kind of moved towards each other at the same time. It was OK.
A couple of times She got out of bed, first to go to go to the bathroom, second to get a 2nd condom (the first had come off when the sex lost momentum and I’d lost my erection) from the bottom drawer where they have been buried for the best part of a year. On Her return, both times, I made a point to be openly wanking.
When She rolled the second jonnie on, She commented on how it seemed small. It turned out later that it was one of the Crown sheathes so it was indeed designed for someone with a thinner dick than mine.
After a while we rolled over so I was on top and I ground away at Her mound and rubbed one of Her nips in the way I know makes Her cum. Then we relaxed and after a while . ..
Her: In case you didn’t know I came.
I was tempted to say I knew She had, a) because it was obvious, b) because I knew exactly what I was doing, and c) because I knew it would make Her cum.
We fucked a little more, but I wasn’t going to get there. Not with a condom on. So She gave mea handjob, which did the trick.
Her: I think we might need to wipe spunk off the wall.
We did. There was a trickle of jizz running down the wall about 18″ above my head.
Her: I think there was some on the bathroom window the other day.
Me: There wasn’t.
Her: Well there was something on the window.
Me: I don’t know what it was, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t cum.
The truth is, I know it wasn’t cum, because I’ve not tossed myself off in the bathroom for ages.
Her: We should have more make up sex. Or rather we should have makeup sex … Can we cuddle more in bed? Not have such a chasm between us?
Me: It’s not aways just a physical chasm
Her: I know.

Day 5235
It had been an extremely stressful day for both of Us, due to the actions of a third party. Though We had necessary and stressful conversations in the evening, we were on the same side. When all was done and dusted …
Me: I know we’ve not had a fight, but this has been really stressful. Do you think we should have make-up sex?
Her: It’s not make-up sex.
Me: I know that. I’m just saying …
Her: I was thinking something similar anyway.
I started to get up from the sofa.
Her: I need some mindless TV to help me relax first.
I offered to give Her a shoulder massage, but she declined.
Her: Just come here.
She invited me to snuggle up at Her end of the sofa.
A short while later We went to bed and She curled up with Her arms around me.
Her: I’m not sure I really have the energy.
So we lay there briefly and then, with the same feeling of squandered enthusiasm and false promises as so many times before, I rolled away.

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