Wait for weight Pt2

… later that same day

Fuck me it feels good!!!
Well, most of the time it does.

The initial stretch, when my scrotum is still really tight, can sting a little, but that only lasts a few minutes, and as the skin relaxes, is easily alleviated if I pull a little more through the collars. And the delightful heavy sensation around my bollocks that follows is well worth perseverance.

Although, having worn the stretchers for several hours today, I’m simultaneously disappointed, excited and inspired.

  1. Disappointed because after an hour or so sat at the laptop, I could barely feel I was wearing them. Not because my nuts had gone numb (a minor, though perilous hazard if you get things wrong), but rather because my ball sack had apparently relaxed to the point where the dimensions of the collars alone wasn’t providing any stretch.
  2. Excited because that means I have an excuse to invest in another stretcher. (Who doesn’t get a thrill out of buying sex toys, right?) In terms of size it would make sense to get a third the same size, rather than the next one up, so I can gradually increase what I can wear.WPbsw
    And I really like the look of these beauties.WPbsr
  3. Inspired, because it’s got me thinking about design and the mechanics of ball stretching. I have a revolutionary idea for a device and I just need to figure out the details. It may cone to nothing, but you’ll be done of the first to know if it does.

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