Flexible expectation

While I’m on the subject of the deficiencies of amateur fetish porn and the prevalence of anal porn, one more thing …

It’s an all too common criticism that teenagers give themselves unrealistic expectations about real sex because they are exposed to too much porn. Apparently real sex isn’t all group sex and lingerie and spanking and anal and vibrators and nipple clamps and shaved pussies and monster cocks and golden showers and latex catsuits and clit pumps and Prince Alberts and DPs and spitroasts and cream pies and strapons and swinging and fisting and chastity cages and fuck machines and handcuffs and gasmasks and double ended didlos. Yet having read many of your posts, Fellow Sex Blogger, evidence may suggest that real sex is very much about these things. Just not necessarily all at once. However, there is a degree to which I think there may be an element of truth in the received wisdom.

Porn does give young people unrealistic expectations about sex.

Because when they are still young, they will probably not get to enjoy group sex or lingerie or spanking or anal or vibrators or nipple clamps or shaved pussies or monster cocks or golden showers or latex catsuits or clit pumps or Prince Alberts or DPs or spitroasts or cream pies or strapons or swinging or fisting or chastity cages or fuck machines or handcuffs or gasmasks or double ended didlos. OK, they may get to enjoy a little lingerie and shaved pussies, but not nearly as often as they think. Nearly all of them will have to wait till they are older, have had several disastrous sexual relationships, learned what they actually like and how to get it and, most importantly, discovered that it is more than OK to be a kinky fucker and don’t need to repress their perverted desires. Unfortunately, when they do finally get to that age, porn will have left them with a far more profound and unrealistic expectation, as they will no longer be even remotely as flexible as porn stars.


5 Responses to “Flexible expectation”

  1. Who in their right mind would even *attempt* something like this? I want to be able to *walk* away from any sex I’m having 😉

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