The other day I stumbled upon Kinsey Confidential, and more importantly their blog and podcasts. Being a junkie for all things SEX! I signed up immediately. The topics addressed are varied and, not unsurprisingly of the Kinsey Institute, cover sexual politics, sexual practice and sexual health.

One podcast in particular attempted to answer the question My Penis Is Bigger Than I Want. How Can I Reduce Its Size? Not a problem many men have, and one that many men (and some women) would indeed envy. Except, if your cock is too big, you’re probably going to struggle to find a cunt to match. Those of us mere mortals might never consider how much of an issue this might be for those affected, yet the Large Penis Support Group. exists for the benefit of the larger gentleman … or perhaps for those eager to find them. There are discussions about pretty much all this issues related to prodigious peckers, but the site also provides members the opportunity to show off their … well … massive members. And for ladies (who presumably like a larger lump) to show of their … err … lumps.

Anyway, I digress.
Should you want to take part in the Kinsey Institutes research, they have a smartphone app you can download and contribute to their research.
Obviously I did.

To a degree, the questions seem a little tame, compared to most sex surveys, but what I found of particular interest was to see how my own sexuality compares to that of other surveyees. I’ve not answered all the questions yet, but it seems I am in a minority having a fetish for gloves and rubber, especially as enjoy them on my own, as I am for my interest in audio porn. But to feel both more aroused and relaxed after porn (not necessarily at the same time 😉 ) as well as wanking over porn, makes me pretty normal.
And I think I like that. A bit normal, and a bit not.

(This post is dedicated to my dear friends Hyacinth and Rouged Mount. If they read this, they will know why.)

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