Aesthetic progress?

In the last month or two I have been hornier than a rabbit with fresh batteries. As discussed, a consequence is having viewed more porn than I usually might. And as discussed, I’ve been favouring amateur porn. Last night, my fantasy fodder was vintage amateur porn.


Two things struck me as I stroked myself over these delights.

Firstly, stockings and suspenders aren’t nearly as popular in modern porn as they used to be. Which is a pity.

Secondly, pubes used to be a lot more popular than they are now. Do a web-image search for vintage amateur porn and you see a hair. Lots of it. Big bushy beavers.

You know my stance on pubic hair, Dear Reader. I dislike any more than a neat trimming above your fun bits, be they mine or anyone else’s: everything else is better smooth. (If you’re new around these parts, by which I mean my blog, not man parts or lady parts) and are tempted to assume some motive for this, I refer you to my case for the defense.) But it got me thinking: is really true to say smooth is sexier, or is bushy best? What is it about a shaved pussy that appeals to me?

I know that when it comes to my own cock and balls, I feel that there’s something a little odd in their appearance if they are completely bald. But au naturale somehow looks messy, untidy, unkempt. As for the feel, smooth is definitely better for me. Not unsurprisingly a thick thatch gets in the way of sensation, and to be stroked or licked is greatly improved without pubes.

OK, that’s my cock. What about pussy?
There is the well documented stance that going down on a partner is improved when there is less risk of getting a stray wiry hair caught in your teeth, or worse still getting lodged in your throat. Coughing up fur balls should be left to cats! And I can only assume that, just as my own genitals appreciate a tongue more when they’re not hirsute, the sensations received by a smooth snatch are equally amplified.

But I think visuals are one of the biggest factor for me.
When my Wife recently accommodated me with a view of Her beaver as Her hand pumped away at my dick, I have to say I was a little disappointed. She does not trim, shave or wax [There was indeed one memorable occasion when this was plainly evident when we went to a topless beach with a friend in France. It may have been only me that was looking at Her crotch, but Her bikini was very obviously well lined.] so the vista was one of pubes rather than pussy. A cunt is a beautiful thing. The curves. The folds. The colour. The teasing glimpse of clit. And if I’ve been doing my job right, the shine of sweet, slippery pleasure. My pleasure is definitely visual. When my Wife spread Her legs for me, I saw none of this. Just dark hair. Like Freud’s eyebrows. In the dim light of the bedside lamp, there was little evidence of curves, folds, glimpses or shine. Just hair.


Initially I put it down to the light, or lack thereof, but as I jerked off to amateur vintage porn, I reconsidered. Pussy looks better when it’s smooth.
What do you reckon, Objective Reader? Does this shift in fashion constitute aesthetic advancement?



8 Responses to “Aesthetic progress?”

  1. well, being more tactile than visual, I love the feel of soft curls against my fingers. I love the pull when you grab the hair there, pretty neat feeling.
    I actually *like* the look of hair too. It sort of dresses my body, I feel. This was made very clear to me when I got to be in a room full of mirrors, including on the ceiling. I loved the vista.
    This said, as much as I like the view from afar, I don’t like the view from close up, I don’t like the mess of hair matted down in juices.
    I don’t get to see it very often (as you pointed out in your post on point of views, we women get the short end of the stick in this).
    And I also don’t enjoy getting hair stuck in my teeth. So I guess I enjoy whatever the person I’m with is offering me, open mind and all, focusing on those things I do like (softness when there is a little hair, as opposed to bristle, the visual appeal when there IS hair, the sensation against my tongue when there is none)…
    I really dislike bristle however, it’s unpleasant both visually and tactilely
    My two cents 🙂

  2. I don’t have much of a preference. Though a hair in my mouth isn’t fun. For myself, it depends on the season and my mood. Hair around the lips, totally naked, bikini line trim, a triangle. I’ve done them all. I never let the hair get long enough for a full bush anymore and I did a trim this morning because it was starting to irritate. I’ll probably wax most of it off closer to spring.

  3. Thanks for the comment and I agree natural dental floss can be a pain.

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