Whips and chain-words

You know that family game where each person has to think of a word, Dear Reader, and the next person has to think of one that starts with the letter the last one ended in? Yeah, that’s the one. We (the family) were playing it in the car today. Except I was struggling to play as Good Dad, and not as Accidental Masturbator and just come up with sex words.

So, just as we (you and me, Dear Readers) had a game last Xmas, here’s another one:
I start with a sex word, and in the comments, you come up with the next ones. Your first letter has to match the last letter of the previous one.
Simple, right?

OK. Lets start with my favorite …


48 Responses to “Whips and chain-words”

  1. Rubber (of course)

  2. Oh, I thought I’d commented back, but apparently I didn’t… but the good news is, since ‘Tis didn’t change the letter, my word still works πŸ™‚

  3. masturbating : )

  4. Repeating words? Hmmm. Perhaps that deserves a …

    • Hahaha!! I hadn’t realized that you used it already. Great minds maybe?

      Now let’s see… G… Hmm, how about Gag!

  5. The only thing I can think if is …

  6. Absolutely. Well done.
    And as Yummy Mummy is a synonym for …

    • Speaking of mothers I’d like to fuck… Oh wait we were playin a game. Ummm let’s go with *fellatio* πŸ˜‰

  7. Something we should all aspire to being …

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