DLS 18: Black (lace) ops

Think of black ops and what do you picture? Highly trained combatants sneaking around after dark, destabilising established orders and taking out the bad guys? That’s not so far from what I’ve just been involved with.

Highly trained? Highly sexed is more relevant here.
Sneaking around after dark? In the middle of the day actually.
Destabilising established orders? Pretty much.
Taking out the bad guys? Well …

I was doing the laundry and I came across Her black lace panties. I’m sure that makes the sound sexy, and maybe if they were worn by someone else, someone with a mind for sex, they could be, but they’re not. Plain black boy-shorts with small lace panels at either side. The sort of thing Brodget Jones might wear if she wasn’t expecting to get laid. Something a bit like these, except bigger and without the lace edges.


I’ve noticed before how the elasticated wasteland has started to come in-stuck from the side lace panels. Today I may have helped that process, because the waistband is now only attached at the back, and about ½” at the front. If I had underwear in that state it would go straight in the bin!

She has a couple of pairs the same style, and I think they’re both on their way out. I’ve merely accelerated their departure a little.

Obviously She rejected the sexy, blue lace set I bought Her for Xmas two years ago, so as much as I’d like to populate Her panty drawer, I’m not going to make that mistake again. And there’s little hope that She’ll take Herself shopping for a tarty pink, PVC and lace trimmed peephole bra and crotchless g-string. But we live in hope of something a little less modest.

8 Responses to “DLS 18: Black (lace) ops”

  1. corsetandstockings Says:

    Would a photo of my lingerie drawers inspire Her?
    I doubt it, even thought there is nothing either pvc or crotchless in there!

    • It might give Her an idea where She’s going wrong, but it might be difficult to explain how I came by such an image.
      I, on the other hand, might very well find some inspiration … of sorts.
      (I saw some underwear that reminded me of you the other day. Post to follow.)

  2. rip them next time…it’s motivation. Or, slip a pair of yours in her drawer!! If anything, it’s just fun entertainment with no harm. Happy New Year AM!!

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