I know I said I wouldn’t but … Pt. 8

Day 5244
An hour before the alarm and my world is predictable. Awake, hard and horny.
I lay there, slowly stroking my erection. I wanted to cum. I needed to cum. I wanted Her to wank me. For that I needed Her to be awake. I could have easily got out of bed and rubbed one out on my own. I put a hand on Her hip. It was acknowledged, but barely. I returned my hand to my cock. 20min later I tried again. The same result. Another 20min of wanking passed and I’m aching to shoot my load. She stirs, and lays an arm across my chest. I continue masturbating gently. Although She says nothing, and my movements are small, She must know. I move Her hand down to my crotch, and She wraps her fingers round my dick.
Her: This might be a bit one sided.
Me: That’s OK.
And I meant it. It was less than 48hrs since we’d fucked, so I didn’t expect Her to be particularly interested in sex. But I had not cum then, and I’d yearned to ever since. I needed release, and I wanted Her to be the catalyst.
You know those days when you feel like you just have no sugar in your muscles?
I did, and as my erection was now an hour old, that too was starting to flag.
Me: Just hard and fast.
She did. Fast, at least, though not particularly hard. Not that She really needed to. It was not a particularly strong orgasm, but She drained my balls in perhaps only a couple of minutes.
Satisfaction, of sorts.

Day 5247
When I wake, my hand is exactly where you’d expect. My dick is exactly how you’d expect. I do exactly what you’d expect.
And as soon as I do, She notices and moves towards me.
We fuck.
She cums.
I don’t.
She pulls the sheath off my cock and wanks me.
I cum.

Day 5249
I can’t get to sleep.
I lie next to Her for maybe an hour.
I listen to Her murmurs of sleep.
I can’t sleep.
I wank. Cumming should help.
I’m nearly there. I tense and rub as hard as I can without wanting to wake Her.
She stirs … and I freeze. Damn.
Eventually I get to sleep, but an hour or so later I wake again.
I wank. I’m nearly there. She stirs. I freeze.
Eventually I get back to sleep, but an hour or so later I’m awake again.
I wank. I’m nearly there. She stirs. I freeze.
Eventually I get back to sleep, but yet again, an hour or so later I’m staring into the dark.
Two and a half hours before the alarm will sound, I’m wide awake again.
I wank. I’m nearly there and She stirs. FUCK!!! Why can’t I get there without disturbing Her. I’m happy for Her to know, but I don’t want to wake Her and somehow I don’t want Her to catch me in the act. Even though I reallyΒ want Her to catch me in the act.
I get up, have a cup of tea, and finish some paperwork.

Day 5253
I wake. I wank. And almost as soon as I do, She moves a hand to my crotch. Yay!!!
We embark on our usual routine. And somewhere along the line, I lose interest. But I show willing and keep going, if a little half heartedly. Back and thighs. Back and thighs. Back and thighs. A guy could get bored. I guess I did.
She shifted a keg to make it easier for me to reach round behind Her to stroke Her snatch. I had no sense whose benefit this was for, and I could have made more effort to reach, but as discussed before, it’s a really uncomfortable contortion for me and with my motivation so low, making an effort was not going to happen at that point.
Back and thighs. Back and thighs. Back and thighs.
Eventually She suggested a condom, I rolled one on, She climbed on top, and positioned Her quim not so that my cock could reach it, but so that my hand could. I stroked with flat fingers, so as not to tickle. It seemed to meet with approval, at least because of how wet Her pussy was, even if She wriggled a couple of times.
And then we fucked. From the handjob She had been giving me I was not to far from cumming – all I needed was a quick, hard fuck. But She wanted slow, so I sacrificed my pleasure for Her’s.
The usual trick worked. Pushing down and grinding against Her mound. She came quietly. She didn’t dismount, but kept going. So I pushed as deeper into Her hole, putting more pressure on Her mound. She seemed to cum again.
But by this stage I wasn’t going to. Not from fucking with a condom on. In fact the brand of choice was so debilitating that there were moments when I could barely even feel my cock was in Her cunt.
When it was apparent Her twat would not suffice, She climbed off, pulled off the sheath, and tugged me off. At some point I reached down to tug on my ball sack, but She either didn’t notice, or didn’t take the hint.


8 Responses to “I know I said I wouldn’t but … Pt. 8”

  1. corsetandstockings Says:

    Progress… She came twice in one session πŸ˜‰

    • And I suspect I got as much pleasure from that than She did, if not more.
      Keep reading. There’s lots more to cum πŸ˜‰ (I’m trying to get it all published without it being an uninteresting torrent.)

    • I should add, I’m pretty confident that, if She’d surrender Herself (and more importantly Her clit), She’d be multi orgasmic. If She’d just let my tongue loose on Her cunny …!

  2. Can you find a way to fuck her without using condoms? If birth control is the limitation how about an IUD or diaphragm? Seems like you’d enjoy it more and be able to cum inside her and that may be pleasing to both of you.

    • Can I find a way to fuck Her without condomes? The obvious answer is yes – in Her mouth, between Her tits, or up Her arse, with respectively increasing degrees of hell freezing over.
      But seriously … yes, you’re right, I’d love to cum in Her cunt so much more than in Her hands. She had a contraceptive implant removed about a year ago, partially as it was due to be removed, but also as She was wondering if it was impacting negatively on Her lobido. I’ve offered to get a vasectomy, but She is unwilling to see me go through surgery, and frankly, considering how I suffer from blue balls if I don’t cum every few days, I don’t relish the thought of having my tubes blocked up. There has been some discussion of an IUD before, and recently. Things are defineitly on the up at the moment (at the time of writing this reply, there are currently 4 more episodes of I know I said I wouldn’t but… sheculed for publishing) so keep reading as we may yet try that option

    • Cool. There’s also the option of the rhythm method πŸ™‚

    • If you can risk the consequences

    • The cost benefit analysis would unequivocally favour condoms and wanking.

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