It’s what he would have wanted

Even those with little interest music will probably have heard in the last few days about the death of Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, the lead singer of seminal rock band Motörhead. Social media has been flooded with tributes, and I can’t count how many people I know it turns out had met him, and universally said what a great guy he was.

By all accounts he lived the archetypal life of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. And both enjoyed and survived it right up to the age of 70. In the end it was none of these that killed him, but rather terminal brain cancer.


A few days before his death, and even before the cancer was diagnosed, the great and the good of rock threw him a 70th birthday party at the Whisky a Go Go club on Sunset Strip,  Rolling Stone reported …

Showgirls danced on the floor between acts, and young women strolled the club to give away free candy, CDs of Lemmy’s rockabilly band the Head Cat and a sex toy called the Motörhead “Pleasure Bullet.” (The sales pitch: “Do it hard, do it fast — do it loud!”)

The pleasure bullet in question was presumably one of  to either the 7¼”, 3 speed, 4 pattern Ace of Spades or the 3¾”, 3 speed 7 pattern Overkill.
(It’s worth clicking on the links just to read the full descriptions.) And I’d commend you, Dear Reader, in tribute to a rock legend, to buy one, and pay your respects by thrusting it up your cunt (or your partners) and scream with pleasure. It’s what he would have wanted.

2 Responses to “It’s what he would have wanted”

  1. corsetandstockings Says:

    unfortunately my toy box is full… 😉

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