Ages ago I heard some statistic about nearly a quater of Tumbler’s content being porn.
How awesom is that? If Wikipedia is right about the number of blogs hosted by Tumbler, thats ove 60 million people sharing pics that they get off to while they are fingering their own cunts and stroking their own cocks.
So why has it taken so fucking long for me to really check it out properly?
I guess the answer is brand loyalty. For no other reason than I stumbled upon a horny blog article about pegging on WordPress I was inspired to start my own sex blog on WordPress. That was 4 years, nearlly 500 posts, just short of 38,000 visitors and over 132,000 hits ago. Shit, that blows my mind! Yet if I’d known there was so much excelent porn to be wanked over on Tumbler I might well have spent even more time wanking and a lot less blogging. However, there are so many lovely perverts here (yes, Dear Reader, that means you), that no matter what the folks at WP Towers do to irritate their user base, especially the NSFW brigade, I think this is where I am most likely to stay.

Anyway …

From amongst my regular porn search, today I stumbled upon this delicious image, and knowing how much you like cum shots, Dear Female Reader, I thought I’d share it with you.


Personally, I find it utterly transfixing (even if the volley of jizz has a surprisingly limited arc – do I really shoot my load over such huge distances in comparison to most porn stars? Did I ever publish the blog entry I started to write on the topic? I can’t find it just now if I did).

The relevence?
It turned out to be on the Tumbler blog of thored69, a woman who seems to have quite exceptional taste in porn. (Go check it out, if you have an hour or two to spare, and plenty of strength in your wrist or fresh batteries in your vibrator.)
So this is what Tumbler is all about? Lots and lots and lots of really nice porn.
I particularly like the aray of latex porn that is shared – there’s lots of clourful, glamorous stuff …


… as well as some stunning black latex …


And then there’s the amateur couples who expose themselves in the most delightfully explicit ways possible …


… some fo whom love nothing more than a bit of pegging …


There’s corsets …


… and better still, rubber corsets …


… and pics that are just so damned horny …


… that I’m very sorry, Dear Reader, but you’ll have to take care of yourself now – I really need to give my cock a really hard thrashing.

4 Responses to “Stumbler”

  1. Madeline Harper Says:

    Isn’t some of the content blocked on tumblr? I thought you had to take a back door to find these things. How did you search? Just curious.

    • Just curious? Yeah. Of course you were just curious!
      Well to sate your curiosity, (and whatever else needs satiating) porn etc “… is available directly on the search results page. There you find a padlock icon on the far right that you can click on to enable or hide adult flagged search results.

    • Madeline Harper Says:

      I’m curious because I like to look too! No one hiding here…we write sex blogs! I read (and looked) that certain phrases are actually blocked on tumblr.


    • I was just joking. No offence intended.
      With the Safe Search disabled, I’ve not found any content off limits. Far from it. There have even been a couple of photos that were a little too much even for me.

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