I know I said I wouldn’t but … Pt. 11

Day 5273
There was not an argument the night before, but lots of stress for both of us and neither of us handled it well.
Come the morning, I was wanking as usual. Her hand was stroking my abdomen almost immediately. I reciprocated, but foreplay didn’t seem particularly effective, and it ground to a halt. I pulled her on top and She let me touch Her lips, but only just. She wasn’t in the mood for fingering.
As I reached for a Crown condom from the bedside drawer, She knelt overme and held my cock. That was unusual. I tore open the packet and started to roll it onto my wood, but She took over.
She climbed aboard and moved for me to reach round behind Her and stroke Her inner thigh. I ventured towards Her folds, but She backed away, sat up, wanked me vigorously to get me harder, and then slid down my pole.
She seemed to be on a mission to cum, so I gave Her a deep, slow, grinding fuck that I know is so reliable for Her pleasure. When She came, it was a long slow building orgasm.As when She had cum, She pulled my dick out of Her almost immediately.
The condom had been ok, or maybe She was particularly wet or particularly tight, but I had been able to feel the texture and warmth of Her canal. I wanted to tell Her that I had been able to enjoy Her body, but She was silent and … reserved …?… so I was cautious not to say the wrong thing.
Me: For what it’s worth, I could actually feel your cunt today.
Her: Sorry, my heads not really in the right place yet.
She was obviously not over the previous nights stress, but that She wanted to fuck, that She wanted to fuck hard, that She wanted to cum, despite or maybe because of the stress, this I took to be immensely positive. If She wants to use me for Her sexual release I am happy.

Day 5275
There was bit of a stressful conversation before bedtime. I thought we’d moved on.
During the day I’d had my hand on Her arse whenever possible, and even told Her the attention was gratuitous on one occasion when She just thought I was asking Her to move.
So I thought I might have a chance of slipping my dick into Her.
We snuggled up in bed.
I stroked Her arse. (One of the few times I’ve tried to initiate sex since we started ucking again. Or at least when I’ve tried to initiate sex by touching Her as opposed to letting Her catch me touching myself.)
There was no reaction.
Well, that’s not strictly true. Her arm was across my stomach, and when I stroked Her arse, She moved Her hand up to my chest. Where it stopped. Motionless.
I rolled away, feeling rejected.

Day 5276
Next morning I was awake early with a stinking hard-on.
I stroked it briefly.
She stirred, but I couldn’t tell if She was awake.
Then got out of bed, and if She was awake, She made no move.
I went downstairs, opened the laptop, and browsed through some latex porn.
I didn’t wank. As much as I wanted to, and as much as I wad annoyed at Her, I want to save my cum for Her cunt, just on the off chance I can shoot my load in it with the interference of a condom.

Day 5277
So, despite my continued complaining, this is starting to turn into regular sex. Not that all of it is easy sex. But it’s definitely progress. Definitely.
But it’s definitely not all plain sailing.
I can’t remember who started. It may ell have been me. A hand on Her lower ribs and a thumb stroking Her tit. Something like that.
It was all going as per usual, except.
Off the back of Day 5268, I tried something different. When I stroked Her back, I put a lot more pressure behind my hand. Pressing down hard against Her. Squeezing Her against me. Her breaths deepened and faltered, not with asphixia, but with pleasure. Interesting. I put a hand up to Her shoulder and pulled Her tight against me. As tight as I could. She moaned, not with discomfort, but with pleasure. Very interesting. I grabbed an arse cheek and dug my fingers into Her flesh, forcing Her mound against my thigh. She bucked, not to break free, but with pleasure. This was fun – to have found something so apparently positive for Her.
She reached for my cock. But I wanted to focus on Her. I tried to move Her hand behind Her back, but She froze, resisted and
Her: What are you doing?
It was a pointed, accusatory question. I confess I was thinking of trying to restrain Her. Not because I thought She would enjoy being tied up, but … I don’t know. I figured interlocking fingers with Her would be sharing, intimate. Not exclusively restrictive. But no. NO!
Me: I just wanted this to be about you, not me.Swift thinking, but a recovery? No. The moment seemed not just broken, but well and truly smashed.
But after a while She apologised and rolled on top of me, moving up and positioning a leg so Her snatch was in range of my hand, nibbling my neck.
Me: Why?
Her: Why not?
Me: Is it for me or you?
Her: Me. That felt good.
She paused.
Her: I want to saddle you up and ride you like a … I don’t know what.
Blimey! That’s a turn of phrase and a half. An not one I expected Her to ever use. OK, it was meant humorously, and She ran out of inspiration before She got to the end, but hell ….!
Me: I want you to ride me!
And with that I squeezed and pressed and squashed again. With as much strength as I thought She would tollerate. Which She most certainly did. I reached between Her legs. I didn’t get anywhere near Her pussy lips before She pulled away, but the only way to describe Her inner thighs is slick with Her juice. FUCK ME! It felt good to have been the cause of that.
As on Day 5273, She made a point of rolling the condom onto my dick. I mention this because it is not something She has been in the habit of doing.
When we fucked, I made no attempt to ease into Her, but as soon as my tip was against Her hole, I slammed up into Her with as much vigour as I could muster. I paused at my hilt, grinding up against Her clit. Then withdrew, and again rammed my cock back into Her cunt. Grind. Thrust hard. Grind. Her gasps rang in my ear as I pinned Her body tightly against me. No violence. No domination. But as much force as I could bring to bear on Her body.
Which seemed to do the trick.
Perhaps, at last after more than 15yrs together, She is actually learning to enjoy sex, and I am actually starting to learn how to provide Her with that pleasure.

7 Responses to “I know I said I wouldn’t but … Pt. 11”

  1. YAY! Is all I have time for now 😀

  2. corsetandstockings Says:

    This sounds like progress and so much more fun! Just don’t blow it by moving on too fast, I know you’ll be patient and go at Her pace – restraint my dear AM (and no, I don’t mean tying up!)

  3. I think it is great that you can listen to her body and make an effort to understand the messages and please her. Happy for you!

  4. I’ve been way behind on blog reading so I’m catching on all of these at once. So happy to read the progress. I know the steps are ridiculously small at times, but it’s forward nonetheless.

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