Foot in mouth?

We were round at my in-laws, talking about nothing in particular. Their was a space hopper getting bounced around on by one of the grandkids and Grandad asked if they knew where rubber came from. (Grandad likes others to know how much he knows.)


Once the tapping of tree sap had been discussed, I mused out loud I wonder how they get the liquid sap from the rubber plantations to the factory without it setting. Grandad said he was sure he’d seen it drying as sheets in the fields when he’d been in India.

Surely not, I was about to say. How would they manage to produce sheets of latex that were so consistently thin and so evenly dyed. I can’t imagine the quality of rubber used in fetishwear could be produced in a field, let alone with the variety of colours. And gimp masks tend to be moulded – surely they don’t do that in fields? I figured I possibly shouldn’t reveal that level of knowledge.

But they don’t make tyres in the fields, Grandad, I said instead.

Why don’t you look it up, said Grandma. That’s what Goggle is for. 

2 Responses to “Foot in mouth?”

  1. corsetandstockings Says:

    Haha, Grandma is wise!

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