Top 100

Over the last year I’ve largely got out of the habit of reading sex blogs. I’ve found myself busy with a lot of other projects and sometimes even struggle to justify the time I spend my own sordid little collection of ramblings. Some of the blogs I used to follow have fallen by the wayside, others have moved from WP to self hosting platforms which don’t seem as easy for me to follow, and in general I feel like I’ve kind of fallen out of the loop with the sex blogging community and there are just a few blogs I still follow.

And yet there is a savior.

In the form of the annual Top 100 Sex Blogs list. If the nominees are even half as good as they have been in previous years, I’ll be stiffer than a stiff thing when it’s published. I commend it to you!

Now I really must go and make my own recommendations.

5 Responses to “Top 100”

  1. Stiffer than a stiff thing – thanks for my morning smile AM!

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