I know I said I wouldn’t but … Pt 13

Day 5282
I’d been sat on the sofa with the laptop for a couple of hours by the time She came down. I had finished typing up the description of last nights sex, and was researching more mundane things.
She sat down next to me and snuggled up.
Her: How did you sleep?
Me: About as expected. You?
Her: Not much better. It’s supposed to help us sleep.
Me: Maybe we’re doing it wrong. It was good, anyway.
Her: Not as much as it’s supposed to be for you.
Me: No. But it was for you.
I laughed as She agreed and my cock swelled at the thought of fucking Her to such an intense orgasm.
Her: Condoms not helping?
Me: Yeah. But that’s probably not the only thing?
Her: What else?
Was She really asking this? Was She not part of the same conversation as I was last night?

If we both keep our hands off my dick, maybe I can cum in your pussy.

My surprised silence occupied several seconds.
Me: Wanking!
Her: Oh.
Me: But if we keep having sex as often that should be less of an issue.
Her: Yeah …
There was an unspoken but …
Me: I know you’re going back to work in a couple of days.
I know She’s going to be tired and yet again there is a very real possibility this will have a catastrophic impact on our sex life.
Her: Yeah. The exhausting commute.
Me: But I had fun last night.
Her: Good.
Me: I’m getting an erection just thinking about it.
I had to ask Her to move whilst I adjusted my boner in my trousers. She laughed.
Me: Fancy a quickie on the sofa?
I was joking. (Sort of.) Obviously.
She laughed.
Me: I’d better go for a cold shower then. And l try to leave myself alone.
I headed to the kitchen to make us both a cup of tea before I went upstairs. As the kettle boiled I pulled Her to me, groped Her arse, made a move for some side-boob, and pushed my hardness against Her stomach. She hugged me back sympathetically.
Me: This isn’t helping either of us. I should get a shower.
Her: Save the bought for later.

… Later that day, as we collapsed onto the sofa after bed time parental duties were complete. It had been the sort of bedtime battle every parent knows and dreads.
Her: How are you doing?
Me: A bit stressed and a bit uncomfortable.
I’d anticipated the question, and had it not been for the battle that preceded it, I had a better answer prepared: My balls ache and I’ve got an itch that starts a couple of inches up my arse and ends at the tip of my cock.
Her: Anything I can do?
Me: Not right now.
Her: Later then.
A better answer would have been Get your knickers off and bend over.

Of course, by the time Later came, whilst my balls still ached, and my prostrate still itched, somehow I wasn’t really in the mood. Pain might be an aphrodisiac for BDSM fans, but spending the day with niggling Blue Balls does not enhance my mood.

Day 5283
Come the morning, my dick was awake long before I was and my balls weren’t happy about it.
As I got out of bed …
Her: Hey.
Me: Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.
Her: You didn’t.
And as I crossed the room, gathered my clothes, and headed for the door with my tool bobbing in the half light. Nothing else was said.
The elephant in the room left with me.

Day 5284
3am. To misquote Fats Waller, there were three of us awake: me, Her and my cock. Not only were we all awake, She was in the mood. At 3am!
One deep, panting orgasm later and, equally unusually, She’s aiming to keep going for my benefit.
We keep fucking. Not getting there.
We turn Her onto Her back and keep fucking. Not getting there.
I kneel up, pistoning into Her cunt at a pace that ought to work for me. Not getting there.
We turn Her into Her side, one of my favourite positions, because I can most easily go deep and fast. Still not getting there.
We give up.
Me: I give up. I might have got there earlier, but when you’ve cum your pussy relaxes.
Her: We need to get the timing right.
Me: Old faithful it is then.
I dismount and, without a word, She kneels between my thighs and goes down on me, before giving me a hard, fast handjob.
I get there.
At last.
And boy do I get there!
Having turned down getting tossed off twice in a row, and not cum on my own either, not only is my orgasm mind meltingly strong, the first jet of spunk lands in my hair, the second and third beside my head and on my cheat, the fourth and fifth and sixth … who knows where! When She keeps tugging on my cock, the reflex from my climax is enough to get me sitting bolt upright just to stop Her.
She passes me a tissue and I wipe the cum from my hair and another for my face as She mops up with three or four around my crotch. I ask for another nother to dry my chest, and then more tissues. As we collapse into each others arms, I feel a cooling gobbet run down my neck, and it takes another two to deal with that. As Roy Shieder almost said, I think we’re going to need some bigger tissues.
Me: Remind me to wash my hair in the morning.
And 3hrs later, through which we have mercifully both slept, She does just that.

2 Responses to “I know I said I wouldn’t but … Pt 13”

  1. There’s something about your writing this time. I can’t pinpoint it, but it’s different. Maybe very cautiously optimistic? For some reason, the last line really hits me in the feels. It’s so totally benign and yet there’s a tenderness to it that is really poignant. I hope things have continued in a positive way for you! xx

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