Times change

Nearly a quarter of a century ago, my loins warmed to the sight of beach lifeguards. Whilst camel toes had yet to be identified, immodestly snug, high cut, swimsuits unashamedly followed the lines of the sea saviours’ crotches, scarlet uniforms contrasting against tanned flesh, and necklines strained  to contain pneumatic breasts. Being a fan of brunettes, my favourite Baywarch Babe was the less buxom Alexandra Paul (Lt Stephanie Holden) …


… but no red blooded young man could help but rub one off at night imagining Pamela Anderson’s floatation aids.


Of course when Ms Anderson swapped the Hoff for Heff and bared all within the hallowed pages of Playboy, we didn’t need quite as much imagination. And when the internet matured and Pammy and Tommy Lee‘s home movies became public property, we really didn’t need much at all.


Spin the clock forward to 2015. The WWW has spawned more porn sites that any red blooded young man could possibly enjoy without rubbing his cock out of existence. As Playboy Enterprises’ CEO , Scott Flanders observed, in these glorious days of technology, “you’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free.” And ain’t that just awesome?

Apparently not. Or at least not for the occupants of 10236 Charing Cross Rd, Holmby Hills, for it has led to Playboy Magazine’s decision to publish its last ever fully nude photo set.

Much as the archetypal magazine for gentlemen is turning away from porn because of the wwww (that’s the World Wide Wank Web, in case you were wondering), with just a few exceptions I pretty much stopped buying jazz mags quite some years ago. And yet, as the modesty curtains are drawn at the Playboy Mansion, Pamela Anderson has returned to Playboy Magazine to bare all for one last time.


Four copies? you may well ask. And my reply would be Because they didn’t have 5.
No one would ever describe me as an entrepeneur, but I figure in a year or so, the last ever pussy laden edition of Playboy will be somewhat saught after. So I invested in a few spares, which will be kept in mint condition for when market conditions are favorable, and then sold to the highest bidder on eBay.

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