Win some, loose some

Whilst there were a couple of militaristic analogies drawn in Black (lace) ops and Enemy (panty) lines, it was not with a combative mindset that I embarked on my destructive subterfuge. My intentions were more catalytic than combative.

I hoped that hastening the demise of my Wife’s least sexy underwear might have had a positive result. She might replace Her most mundane panties with something likely to raise my blood pressure just a little. Perhaps. For all my ability to see potential difficulties, on some fronts you can’t fault me for relentless optimism.

It is not uncommon for M&S to be refered to as The Patron Saint Of Underwear. Some of their lingerie is genuinely sexy. Yet some of it, a little less so. And this afternoon I spotted this in the bedroom.


The discarded packaging for the underwear with which my Wife has replaced Her most modest of smalls.
5 black pairs of the most unimaginably utilitarian undies.
Not a hint of lace.
N’er a bow to be seen.
Nor even a touch of unnecessary embroidery.
It seems that wherever there’s a Saint, there is also a nun.

And in case you thought She’d splashed out, Dismayed Reader, out of perverse curiosity I looked up the price: a whole £7. For a 5-pack. That’s £1.40 per pair (or $2.04 for those across the pond). You couldn’t get a decent bar of chocolate for that!!!

I guess if you’re going to use underhanded tactics in the Underwear Wars, you have to acknowledge that sometimes it’s time to admit defeat. Some causes are lost.

When all hope is gone, and retreat the only prudent option, armed forces have been known to scrawl defiant messages on walls, or lob a few defiant incendiaries as they exit theatre.
A surprising 1o months have passed since I last bought myself any underwear, and since my middle drawer was already at capacity, the Mint and Rose Ergowear shorts I ordered have been stashed away ever since.


Perhaps they should be my defiant graffiti, or should I go for something more inflammatory?


5 Responses to “Win some, loose some”

  1. To be fair, I don’t wear sexy lingerie on a daily basis. For many reasons, one hygienic. Cotton can be washed at higher temperatures than lace, and thus there is less chances for bacteria or fungus to develop in it. And there is also a lesser chance for it to help a possible infection spread (synthetic underwear tends to be bad for those very uncomfortable infections, and I can’t afford silk panties!).
    So yes, I enjoy wearing sexy lingerie once in a while, but… not every day. Especially not my panties.

    • A valid point, but there’s plenty of sexy underwear between a nylon g-string and Great Aunt Ethel’s Victorian bloomers.

    • corsetandstockings Says:

      My one indulgence, silk lingerie brought for me to wear, for my pleasure (and occasionally a man might get to glimpse it). All my silk is still going strong, no lycra to stretch out of shape. And good old M&S do some lovely styles and not too expensive – ok £12 a pair of Brazilian silk knickers but I bet they’re more comfortable than Her bargain pairs and a pleasure to wear. But you probably don’t see Her in Her underwear anyway.

    • Like this?

      Don’t tease. It’s not fair. 😉
      Anywayy, they’re nearly 10 times the price.
      Seriously though … She has gone back to wearing the Infamous Red set at weekends, but I only know this from seeing them in the laundry (and sneaking a peak in Her underwear drawer, but don’t tell anyone).

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