Rubbery rainbow

Just a little self pimping today. Well sort of self. Because whilst it’s me, it’s really other people.

Having recently discovered the pervy delights of Tumblr, for the moment I’ve found myself using it as my prefered provider of porn. Except most of what I’m enjoying isn’t quite porn, because in a lot of cases the focus of the photos is as much the clothes as those wearing them. And in many cases, whilst they’re definitely NSFW, there really isn’t an immodest amount of flesh on view.

You know, Loyal Reader, that I have a love for latex, and I’ve ended up using my Tumblr account as a sort of repository for pictures I like. Initially this was just for my own purpose [Can you guess what that purpose was?] but as I scanned through the shots that had taken my fancy, it struck me there was an overwhealming theme, and one that I’ve touched on before. The colour of rubberwear.

For many, the mental image of rubber fetishwear is ostensibly black, and frequently BDSM related. I don’t believe there is an excuse for this, and so, if you are even remotely interested or curious about skin-tight sexiness or the rainbow of raunchy rubber, I strongly recommend you pop on over and have a look.

Just so you know, it really is NSFW, though there isn’t nearly as much nudity as you might expect from me. Just lots of lovely ladies in latex, and almost no gimp masks, riding crops, body bags, or black. (There are disappointingly few men to be found so far, or at least men neither dressed in black nor engaged in BDSM, but as and when I stumble across anything worthy of your attention, that will also feature.) There is also a tiny bit of other random honiness (eg naked parachuting, pegging, a screw-fit cock), but mostly it’s rubbery prettiness.

And just to whet your appetite, here are a couple of examples.


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