That moment

That moment when you’re reminded of the last time you watched that no-holes-barred porno DVD.

That moment after you had spouted hot, salty joy over your hand, to footage of a neatly shaved cunt slid up and down, dripping with its slickness as it stretched around a swollen cock far more impressive than your own relaxing member.


That moment when, satiated and soaked in sweat and cum, you’d rushed towards the business of the day that you had postponed just for a frenetic wank.

That moment when you’d popped the DVD out of the laptop and put it somewhere safe.

That moment, months later, months even after you’d subsequently moved house, that you realise you had been lazy and careless.

That moment when you hadn’t put the DVD away properly.

That moment you’d stashed it somewhere that you would come back to in a day or so, to have another moment.

That moment never came.

That moment when you unpack yet another shipping carton that has been cluttering up the spare room for far too long.

That moment when you decide to consolidate the suitcase of pervy underwear, erotic ornaments and porn, the attache case of sex toys and more porn, and the little wooden chest jammed full of rubberwear, more sex toys and yet more porn.

That moment when you realise there’s an empty DVD case …

12 Responses to “That moment”

  1. Well, good luck finding the DVD! :-/

  2. Oh, and hope you enjoy the new place!

  3. OMG, that is the worst feeling ever! Good luck.

  4. You ran through my mind yesterday ( I think you might have been wearing latex ) I hope you’re doing well. Nice to see your words and what a gif!

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