Object of desire

You may remember, Dear Reader, (if you were reading back when I still blogged regularly), that my Wife complained that She didn’t want to be objectified by lingerie.

At some point, I recall having mused on my own desire to be objectified. I’d love to be used for sex once more. It’s been far too long since someone who just needed a damn good fucking, and little more, wanted me to satisfy their need. To make use of my cock, my fingers, my tongue, to provide purely for their needs.

This morning, I swelled to this image, shared by Erotixx

It would be easy to critise this as objectifying the woman photographed, and in terms of pornography that may have some justification. But when it comes to objectification in the bedroom, your own bedroom, with your partner, is not dressing up in lingerie or rubber, or allowing yourself to be tied with your sex exposed and vulnerable, or masturbating whilst being photographed of filmed … is that not objectifying yourself?
Is that not utterly laudible?

I have never wanted to objectify my Wife. There has always been a person that was very much a part of Her cunt. What I have always wanted is for Her to want to objectify Herself for my gratification. Not to make Herself less of a person. But for Her to temporarily detatch Her self from Her body and the pleasure she could give with it.

Much as there has been a movement to reclaim the word Slut, perhaps there should be a movement to reclaim the concept of objectification.

11 Responses to “Object of desire”

  1. I like gour tboughts on this!
    As much as I don’t want to be objectified by just anybody, with the right people, people I know who also appreciate me for other things, I quite enjoy knowing I turn them on.
    And as much as, once in a while, it feels good to be desired for who you are without any artifice, no sexy lingerie, no time spent shaving or putting on make-up (not that I do the latter that too often!) or elaborate hairdo, not having to be mortified by that pimple or this extra weight, it is also a pleasure to do these things, prepare for someone, it builds into the anticipation of it all I guess. And to see that twinkle in their eye when they look at you… it’s a pleasure in itself!

  2. The content of what you said, as her husband, makes the word “objectification” obviously shallow. If only there was a word that said it all but didn’t have and degradation attached to it. Idolizing comes to mind… worshipping ?? It’s all in the mind. I find that pose and picture quite provocative but I have to say that if a group of men were all looking at her at once, it would creep me out – extremely. Privately for someone, it’s something else all together

    • I agree about a group of men. I’ve been enjoying a lot of latex fetish erotica (and porn) recently, and I confess there is definitely some that I do find unnecissarily objectifying (for want of a better word) – rubber and hardcore bondage seem to go hand in hand, and the latter is not to my taste at all. It’s got me reflecting on my atittude to porn. The paradox is that, although I’m confident my Wife would rather I didn’t like porn (if she knew), if I’m ever objectifying anyone by consuming it, it’s more likely to be Her … by proxy.
      As for the word itself? It’s a word. Just as Slut is just a word. How we interpret it is a largely our own choice and, to paraphrase The Bard, a cunt by any other name would smell so sweet.

    • Too bad she can’t see that your desire is so linked to her and then enjoy it. Hey – if you got everything you wanted, life would be so boring.

  3. Well yes the images we look at online or on dvd is absolutely objectification, 100%. But if I see my girl in similar attire or position my head would not even think about that. I would just consider my gorgeous lady I adore in something that she knows gets me aroused and happily drooling 🙂 but its not objectification since its for me only and by god I know I love the girl so am getting aroused seeing the same person in worn out pajamas and a morning hair that can scare anyone LOL

  4. As a person who likes to put photos of herself up, I think I like being “objectified” to a degree. But it’s at my will and desire. It’s intentional. I call it admiration when I provide the photos for the spank bank.

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