Positive language

I’m planning to customise a pair of latex gloves and make some minor alterations to my rubber catsuit. This took me to a fetish store to source the gloves. Whilst there I asked …
Me: Do you know where I can get latex adhesive?
Shop assistant: Have you tried craft stores? What’s the name of that big chain?
Me: Hobbycraft?
Shop assistant: Yeah. That’s it. Have you asked them.
Me: I’ve looked online, but I’ve not asked as such. [Adopting theatrical tone of voice] What do you want to make with it, sir?
We both laughed.

I thought about the potential answer.
Hobbycraft staff: What do you want to make with it, sir?
Me: I’m doing some alterations to my latex catsuit and customising some rubber gloves to go with it.
Hobbycraft staff: Ah. I see sir. You’re a pervert.
Me: Yes. I’m a pervert.
Store tanoy system: [Bing bong. Bing bong.] Could a member of Security come to Till 7 please. That’s a Code 69 at Till 7. Thank you. [Bing bong. Bing bong.]

It’s such a damning word pervert?
According to the OED:

pervert (n) /pəːvəːt/ : A person whose sexual behaviour is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable

Fuck you, world!
What is normal? Silent missionary sex with the lights out and a post-coital peck on the cheek?
Who decides what is acceptable? People who have normal sex?

Pervert. It’s just a word. One to which we attribute more than just literal meaning, and overwhelmingly negative meaning.
Was it not Shakespeare’s virginal Capulet who coined the phrase A cunt by any other name would smell as sweet?
[Ed: No, AM, it was you! Juliette was inviting her beau to consider the scented petals of a flower, not the scented petals of her flower.]

How many of us have expressed a desire for dirty sex? Dirty. Another negative word. But one that culturally seems to have been adopted by many normal people as positive. Look round your office and wonder how many of your colleagues will be happy to have dirty sex on Friday night.

Slut. For many years an exclusively pejorative term, yet there’s long been a campaign to reclaim the word, and quite rightly so. Being a slut can be fun.

Well I identify as a pervert, and I want to reclaim that word.

I’m a pervert. And I’m proud to be one. And whilst I acknowledge that not everyone would be in a position to tell a shop assistant that they own a rubber catsuit, I see no reason why it should be unacceptable.

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