The first rule

Over the weekend, I couldn’t help but think about my underwear drawer. (And of other things.) I veered from one frame of mind to another.
Initially I wished I hadn’t done it.
Then reigned that back in to just that I hadn’t been so obvious.
At some point I thought Hell, I’m up for this. I can do the conversation: “Yes Honey, latex is just one of my fetishes, and I’m proud to be pervert.” I was almost looking forward to it.
Later I just felt indifferent.
And later still, there was even a hint of anger that crept in, as I rhetorically rehearsed the conversation in my head.
That was inevitably replaced by the abject fantasy that on my return home, my Wife would strip off to reveal a newly purchase leopard print latex bra and panties, present me with Her rubbery discovery and ask me to wear the thong for Her.

A couple of times over the weekend we spoke on the phone, but nothing related was discussed. I assumed She must have put the laundry away.

Eventually I drove home and, having gone through the motions of greetings and discussing the events of our respective weekends, I took my bag upstairs to unpack. And check the drawer. My laundry had been neatly put away. The socks that really should have protected my Wife from such a discovery had been straightened and my pink Ergowear pouch bikini brief had been placed directly adjacent to my purple latex thong.

(I also retrieved the key and unpacked myself.)

As the remains of the evening passed, I waited for something to be said.
Granted, as we sat on the sofa, my Wife was busy with work as I watched TV, but nothing was said.
OK, it had been a long weekend for me and I fell asleep on the sofa long before She was ready for bed, so I headed upstairs on my own and a potential opportunity could have slipped away. But still nothing was said.
Come the morning, She was nearly dressed as I got out of bed, my erection saluting Her as we passed. So I’ll admit She had already left the room when I next went to my underwear drawer, but yet again nothing was said.


6 Responses to “The first rule”

  1. Being fairly new to your blog I will say you do your best at leaving hints. Having been in your shoes though hinting only goes so far (been there, done that, got the tee-shirt) there will come a time for you mental well being you may well have a talk

    • John, I’ve seen others mention you by name on what feels like many occasions, so welcom to the madhouse.
      I think my mental health may already be in question. Ha ha!
      But seriously, I gave up a long time ago. But it was a bit like smoking, and I’ve now given up several times in the last few years. Which is an interesting paralel, because I think a shrink probably would clasify me as adicted to sex. I certainly get withdrawal symptoms.

  2. What were you thinking she would say?

  3. She could be one of those people who don’t see anything beyond their own mind. Hand them to her and say Check these out. I really like them. : )

    • Many years ago we went to a rock club-night. (By coinsinence we were meeting up with a mutual friend who made a living out of making latex fetishwear.) I put my black PVC jeans on and when She saw them Her exact words were “Not sexy.” Nothing else.
      So if I now handed Her my rubber underwear, I think I’d increasingly expect exactly the same. “Not sexy,” and nothing else.
      A slamon has to swim up stream to get laid.

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