Wierd kink

If you’re of a similar age to me, Dear Male Reader, one of your most vivid cinematic memories will be Kelly LeBrock in Wierd Science. When we were barely pubescent, she was pretty much the hottest woman we’d ever seen. (Obviously that was about the same time we discovered porn, so the goal posts moved a little very quickly after. But hey … she was still the woman of our dreams!) On the off chance you’re not familiar with the film, [spoiler alert] it follows the adventures of two teenage geeks who, by the wonders of accidental science, create their perfect woman, and she turns out to be even better than in their wet dreams.

As I mentioned recently, I revisited an old project, designing fetishwear for myself and my Wife.
It was heartbreaking.
But like a dog with a bone, when I get started on a project, I keep going with it. [A though bubble appears above AM’s head: the text reads “I guess that’s a bit like how I used to like to fuck – once I’d started, I really didn’t like to stop until my Wife … or Her predecessors … had had a really good orgasm. Hey ho. Halcyon days.”] So has it been with my design project. I’ve kept going.

I’m not quite done yet – I’ve still got the finishing touches to do for the outfits – but as I started to dress my maquettes, it struck me that I wasn’t actually dressing my Wife. As discussed, the figure had, on some levels, become Her, but it looked nothing like Her. So how, if the entire world turned upside-down and I ever got to see my Wife in the skin tight rubber costume I was now designing for Her, how would I know if She was going to look any good in it?

For (almost) every problem there is a solution.
I made my Wife fatter.
Well, that sounds a lot harsher than it really is.
Whilst neither my Wife nor I are in particularly poor shape, we are both slightly closer to the work of Rubens than da Vinci. The maquettes I’d sourced online were suitably dysmorphic – skinny, muscular, stacked and hung. I realised that neither of use looked anything like my models.

So with the aid of Photoshop …

We aged. I fattened us both up. I made us less toned. I adjusted our heights to match. I gave my Wife smaller tits that sagged a little, and my pecs edged a little closer to moobs. I shrank my cock and balls and grew a foreskin, complete with peeping glans, and my Wife acquired a clit.  We both got bigger arses. Her belly swelled a little as my 6-pack gave way to love-handles. Our pubes grew, Her’s spreading out of control, whilst mine were neatly shaved. I even pierced my nipple (oh how I miss that ring). And at the end of it, whilst I suspect we would have both been more than a little flattered had we looked in the mirror, at least there was a chance we might have recognised ourselves.




Which just left me to dress us …
… after having a wank, because it was indeed an arousing process. And having spent hours thinking about the detail of my Wife’s naked body, right down to adding individual hairs to Her beaver, I even found myself slightly more attracted to Her than I have too often been of late.

12 Responses to “Wierd kink”

  1. Ahh such fond memories of Weird Science.

  2. Weird science, damn… many happy wants there. But yr project sounds extremely interesting.

  3. I like that you’re making this about her and you, not some fantasy.
    Of course, it must also feel even more painful, but…
    Oh, well! Sending hugs!

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