For whom?

It was an anniversary. Not a major anniversary, just one of those that comes around every year. We booked a babysitter and in anticipation of a rare night out at my Wife’s favorite restaurant, to be followed by a nightcap at a quiet bar nearby. 

Earlier in the day I’d asked if we were going to dress up for the evening. For me, that would be an ironed shirt and polished shoes instead of the usual T-shirt and trainers. She said if you want. So I did.

Earlier still, anticipating our sortie and the significance of the date, I wondered … nay fantasized … about the possibility that She might resurrect the infamous Red Lingerie. She was just wearing a nightshirt and dressing-gown at breakfast, but upstairs I couldn’t help but notice that She’d laid out Her clothes for going to the gym. [I find it perplexing that Her gym underwear is always a thong, yet She never wears one otherwise, not even the red one I bought for Her, that matches the bra, panties, suspender belt and torsolette. Especially not that one! Not even on the rare occasions that She’s worn the bra.] She’d laid out the thong with Her gym kit, and a pair of Her plainest black briefs with the clothes She change into afterwards. I was disappointed, but not remotely surprised.

Later, as I ironed my shirt, She went upstairs and changed into something a little smarter. Not overtly glamorous, but a step up from leisure-wear or work clothes.

When I finished ironing, I too went upstairs to change. In the bedroom I couldn’t help but be curious. I checked, as I so often do. I didn’t expect a pleasant surprise. Yet I couldn’t see Her Red Bra in Her underwear drawer. I heard feet on the stairs so I didn’t have time to check further for the matching Red Panties, but …

Nothing was said.

We went out to dinner.

I spotted a bra strap escaping from under Her top. It wasn’t the colour I expected, but I confess it’s that long since I’ve seen Her wearing the lingerie I bought for Her that I couldn’t remember whether the straps were red, or whether they matched the cream lace trim. They weren’t red, that was for sure. Maybe I was mistaken.

Amidst the conversation was talk of the recent return of my insomnia. (It’s unusual for me not to wake 3 or 4 times during the night and it’s rare for me to sleep past 5am. My accompanying erections were not commented upon.) Meditation, exercise and any number of other factors.
Her (joking): Perhaps you need to give up tea, alcohol and chocolate.
Me (joking): Without tea, alcohol and chocolate, I don’t have any other pleasures!
Obviously I wasn’t entirely joking, because the one thing so conspicuously absent from that list was fucking

After dinner, we found the bar we were hoping to go to was closed. She didn’t feel like just sitting in a pub, so we went home. 

We sat on the sofa and flicked through the channels until we found a random movie. Initially we were at opposite ends of the sofa, but after 20min or so She turned at a less neck straining angle and lent up against me. I put an arm around Her and my wrist rested deliberately across Her tit. We watched the movie, or at least we started to. My insomnia has returned recently – So it was no surprise that, after a meal out, slumped infront of the TV, warmed by my Wife’s body, I fell soundly asleep shortly after. I excused myself and went to bed. She stayed to watch the movie.

I woke before She was in bed, an hour or so later. Then at 2am, complete with a boner. And 3am with another erection, or maybe it was the same one. Again at 4:30am, still stiff. And finally at 5:30am when there was no chance that I would get back to sleep so grabbed a pair of trousers and a sweatshirt and took my turgid member downstairs. I know what would fix this. What would fix my broken sleep patterns. Regular sex. Several times a week. But that ain’t gonna happen.

After we’d all had breakfast I went upstairs to shower and dress. Out of curiosity I checked the laundry basket. And there were the Red Panties.

Was I supposed to know?
Why, after what I guess is 6 month of the Red Undies being entirely neglected, did they now get worn?
Was the plan that I might find out if we went to bed together?
Did She wear them just for Herself, because as well documented She regards wearing lingerie for my pleasure as objectification?
If I’m not supposed to know, and after 10 months of mutual celibacy, wha…?

4 Responses to “For whom?”

  1. A lot of questions but it’s a good sign that she did wear them and I would imagine they were meant for yr pleasure, shame nothing happened but a step in the right direction though…

    • Maybe. I’d like to think it was worn for my benefit.
      But absolutely no attempt was made to bring it to my attention, and had I neither taken an illicit snoop in Her underwear drawer, nor in the laundry basket the next morning, there is no way I would even know about it. Equally She stayed up a good hour after me, so had there been any intention of real intimacy, it evaporated long before any flames of passion could have been kindled.
      I’d like to think the undies were worn for my benefit, but I regret there is little evidence.

    • Mmm.. shame.. oh well there is always next date night so keep it up. đŸ˜†

    • That may not come this year. Maybe 2019?

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