The next morning I was awake about 5:00am. Awake enough that there was no obviously point in staying in bed.

Some 3 or 4 hrs later I heard my Wife go into the bathroom, and as She returned to the bedroom I headed back upstairs to get a shower.
We passed on the landing, my erection still swollen with self-importance. She obviously saw it out of the corner of Her eye and, somewhat less obviously, glanced down at it.

After I’d showered, I returned to the bedroom, my cock still alert. She was dressed and sat on the bed reading.
As I got dressed, She obviously gave my member a similarly brief inspection … and then another as I put my underpants on. They were one of the pairs that make even a flaccid dick pleasingly obvious, never mind one that is rigid and vertical. 

Although conversation passed, nothing of consequence was said.

I’ve made increasingly little effort to hide my erections from Her recently. Almost the opposite. I’ve not given them a rub in front of Her, but hey, if I’ve had one and it was convenient to be naked in front of Her … I may even have given them an encouraging stroke whilst out of sight, just to ensure they are obvious. 

Also over the last month, I’ve been sleeping badly. To me there is an obvious remedy, as I’m sure there is to you, Dear Reader. But has anyone else made a connection between seeing my swollen tool every day and my failure to sleep every night?

Obviously not.

7 Responses to “Obvious”

  1. I think insomnia is due to much more than not getting sex. But that’s my take 😉
    And yes, sex may ease it on occasion, but what you want is long term relief, isn’t it?

    • (Oddly I just noticed this comment was flagged as spam. Hmmmm.)
      You’re right of course. Celibacy is not the cause of my insomnia. Nor is it the cause of many issues in our house. But I genuinly believe regular (good) sex would make a profound positive difference – it has historically had a marked effect on my mood, and I know when I’m in a good mood it’s a lot easier to deall with all the crappy little things that build up into domestic friction.

    • Oh, I couldn’t agree more! The problem, as you say, would be to get regular (good) sex. And it’s not happened since I started reading you 3 years ago. I also think good sex can’t happen if there isn’t good communication, or at least the will to have it before, during or after.
      As usual… good luck AM 🙂

    • You should know by now 😉 good communication is as likely as good sex.

  2. You need to get a hold of some oil of olay, get lube up and wack that dick off, now!

    • Oil of Olay? Isn’t that moisturiser?
      In all seriousness, jerking off is a regular solution, or it would be if it solved anything and pussy juices would be an infinitely better lubricant.

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